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New Year, New Tablo QUAD, New Commercial Skip Feature

The annual Consumer Electronics Show is this week in Las Vegas.

The team from Tablo HQ is there to announce two new things that should make Tablo fans very excited:

tablo quad ota dvr

Keep reading for all the juicy details…

Meet Tablo QUAD

tablo quad ota dvr

Aimed at cord cutters with larger families or channel lineups, the new Tablo QUAD is a redesigned and updated 4-tuner OTA DVR.

Tablo QUAD gives you the flexibility to browse, record, and stream up to four live TV channels at the same time from your OTA antenna.

The new product will ship in late March at an MSRP of $199.99 USD or $259.99 CAD.

(See Tablo's product comparison sheet.)

Tablo QUAD has a fresh new design, improved network connectivity, and an optional clutter-free 2.5-inch internal SATA drive connection for recording storage.

Upgraded Connectivity

tablo quad ethernet wifi connectivity

Tablo QUAD includes a new Gigabit Ethernet connection and an upgraded WiFi chip based on the newest 802.11 a/c standard. This ensures fast, smooth streaming to multiple devices, and a more reliable WiFi connection - especially in areas with heavy network congestion.

(Read more about the benefits of 802.11 a/c wireless.)

Optional Clutter-Free Recording Storage

tablo quad sata vs usb

Also for the first time ever, Tablo QUAD includes an onboard compartment for an optional standard height (7mm or 9.5mm) 2.5-inch internal SATA drive up to 8TB. SATA-connected drives are fast, easy to install, and becoming more affordable all the time so if you’re a neat freak tidy person, this is the storage option for you.

Like all Tablo OTA DVRs, Tablo QUAD is also compatible with traditional USB-connected external hard drives. Either way, you can store up to 4000 hours or 166 straight days of HDTV content.

(See Tablo's hard drive specifications and recommendations.)


All the features and benefits our customers love about Tablo OTA DVRs haven't changed with Tablo QUAD, including:


Flexible WiFi or Ethernet Connectivity

tablo screens

Instead of connecting to a single TV, Tablo QUAD connects to your home network so it can stream live and recorded TV to all your favorite devices.

Can’t put your antenna near your TV? No problem! With optional Ethernet or WiFi connectivity, Tablo QUAD can live wherever your OTA TV antenna gets the best reception.

Full App Support

tablo quad supported apps

Tablo’s beautiful, easy-to-use apps all work with the new Tablo QUAD. That means you can watch your favorite TV shows on your favorite internet-connected devices, including:


Whole-Home and On-the-Go Streaming

tablo connect

Once you connect Tablo QUAD to your home network, it will stream live and recorded OTA TV to all the internet-connected devices inside your home.

Want to catch the game while you’re on vacation, or check your hometown news on a business trip? With our out-of-home streaming service Tablo Connect, you can watch live and recorded TV from your Tablo QUAD from anywhere in the world.


Affordable (and Optional) TV Guide Data Service

tablo quad hero

Tablo’s easy-to-use Netflix-style apps rely on TV guide data and artwork from our guide data service. For as little as $5 USD/month, you can enjoy the Tablo features that make finding and setting recordings a snap, including beautiful cover art, episode and series synopses, filters, and advanced recording and streaming options. It also enables some of Tablo QUAD’s more advanced features like Tablo Connect.

Rather forgo a TV guide data subscription? You'll still get 24 hours of TV guide data (versus a full 2 weeks) and can still set manual recordings by date/time/channel on Tablo QUAD OTA DVRs.


Coming Soon! - Automatic Commercial Skip Feature

tablo appletv commercial skip

Already own a Tablo OTA DVR? We’ve got some cool stuff coming for you too!

In late March, we're starting an open beta for our automatic commercial skip feature! (No signup will be required.) This makes it possible for any subscription-enabled Tablo OTA DVR to play most recordings without any commercials.

tablo android commercial skip

Tablo’s commercial-skipping magic is a cloud-based hybrid of digital signal processing (DSP) algorithms and machine learning. When enabled, pesky ads are accurately and automatically detected so Tablo apps on Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Android TV, and Apple TV can hop right past them.


For updates on the new Tablo QUAD and the upcoming automatic commercial skip feature, stay tuned via Facebook, Twitter, or the Cord Cutting This Week newsletter.

Have questions now? Don’t hesitate to drop us a line. We’re happy to help!


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