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If you have a question about your Tablo OTA DVR, there's likely already an answer on our website, on our blog, in our knowledge base or on our community forum

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Prefer to do a bit more in-depth reading on how to set-up your Tablo OTA DVR, its features, settings, and more? 

Check out the full Tablo OTA DVR user guide on the Tablo knowledge base. 

Answers to your most common questions like:

  • What channels will I get?


  • Can I record content from streaming services with Tablo OTA DVRs?

... are all covered on our FAQ page.


If you have a device with a screen, or that connects to a screen, it's likely there's a Tablo OTA DVR app for it.

A complete list of available apps and download links can be found on our Apps & Compatible Devices page. 

If you're currently experiencing an issue with your Tablo OTA DVR, there are five easy troubleshooting tricks you can take yourself to get things up and running again.

You may not need to take all of the steps, so please check on your Tablo's status after performing each one.

  • Reboot your Tablo OTA DVR by quickly pressing and releasing the blue reset button on the back of the device
  • Power cycle your Tablo OTA DVR
  • Power cycle your WiFi router
  • Re-sync Tablo with your Tablo app
  • Run a new channel scan on your Tablo from the settings screen

Check out the Tablo knowledge base for detailed instructions. Still having trouble, click on 'Ask Tablo' above and let us give you a hand! 

The settings screen in Tablo's web app at my.tablotv.com offers a wealth of information that can help you make sure your Tablo is running at peak efficiency.

It also provides key information our support gurus may request from you. 

If you're wondering about the specs of your Tablo product, check out its product page

Or see how it stacks up to other Tablo products using our comparison chart

Knowledge Base

Want to dig a little deeper? Browse or search our Tablo Knowledge Base for useful articles covering everything you wanted to know about Tablo OTA DVR; from setting up your device, watching and recording programs, to shipping details and managing your account.

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