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FAQs – Which Tablo OTA DVR Model Should I Buy?


With six different Over-the-Air DVR models in the Tablo product lineup, there’s a Tablo model to fit the needs of every TV lover. But if you’re wondering, “Which Tablo OTA DVR model should I choose?” then these five questions should help guide you to the right choice for your TV setup.

Which Tablo DVR Should I Buy

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#1: Do you have a large family and/or channel lineup?

Tablo large family large channel lineup

If you have four or more people in your household or receive more than 40 channels with your Over-the-Air TV antenna, consider a Tablo OTA DVR model with four tuners instead of just two. Additional tuners will allow you to watch and/or record up to four programs at once, so nobody will miss their favorite show.

Smaller households and those who receive fewer Over-the-Air TV channels should be fine with a dual-tuner model which lets you watch or record up to two channels at once.

LARGE FAMILY/LINEUP – consider our QUAD models: Tablo QUAD, Tablo QUAD 1TB, Tablo QUAD HDMI
SMALL FAMILY/LINEUP – consider our DUAL models: Tablo DUAL LITE, Tablo DUAL 128GB, Tablo DUAL HDMI

#2: Where do you watch TV?

Tablo single TV versus mobile

If you primarily watch TV at home on a single television set, consider a TV-connected Tablo OTA DVR. These Tablo models – Tablo DUAL HDMI and Tablo QUAD HDMI – connect directly to your television and come with their own remote.

(NOTE: Streaming to secondary screens in the home is possible with these DVRs, but limited to select Smart TVs and streaming devices and requires an active TV Guide Data Service subscription.)

If you like to take your TV with you, network-connected Tablo OTA DVRs offer much more flexibility since they connect to your home’s WiFi router instead of a single TV set. This allows models like the Tablo DUAL LITE and Tablo QUAD to stream live or recorded TV from your antenna to Tablo apps on most popular Smart TVs, streaming media devices, smartphones, tablets and even computers.

With a network-connected Tablo OTA DVR, you can catch up on your favorite shows anytime and anywhere, whether that’s on a tablet in the backyard or on your computer on a business trip in another state.

SINGLE TV – consider our TV-connected models: Tablo DUAL HDMI, Tablo QUAD HDMI
MULTIPLE TVs & MOBILE DEVICES – consider our network-connected models: Tablo DUAL LITE, Tablo DUAL 128GB, Tablo QUAD, Tablo QUAD 1TB

 #3: Where is your TV antenna in relation to your TV?

Tablo antenna near TV or far from TV

Placing your antenna in the best location to receive Over-the-Air TV signals is important. If your antenna’s ‘sweet spot’ also happens to be near your TV, then a TV-connected Tablo OTA DVR is a great choice.

But if your main TV is in the basement, the opposite side of the room, or even the opposite side of the house from where your TV antenna is located, a network-connected Tablo DVR is a better pick. Since these models use ethernet or WiFi to connect to your router, instead of connecting to your TV, you have the flexibility to place your Tablo DVR and TV antenna anywhere you get solid OTA TV reception.

ANTENNA NEAR TV – consider our TV-connected models: Tablo DUAL HDMI, Tablo QUAD HDMI
ANTENNA FAR FROM TV – consider our network-connected models: Tablo DUAL LITE, Tablo DUAL 128GB, Tablo QUAD, Tablo QUAD 1TB

#4: Do you have a solid home WiFi network and consistent internet access?

Tablo great network versus poor network

Since network-connected Tablo OTA DVRs rely on your home network to stream Over-the-Air TV to your viewing devices, a solid home network is a must for these models. If your WiFi router is less than five years old and you get strong WiFi signals and consistent high-speed internet access throughout your home, you’ll have no trouble enjoying buffer-free viewing from your Tablo OTA DVR.

If your router is older or you have weak WiFi or spotty internet access, a TV-connected Tablo DVR is a better match. These models connect directly to your television via HDMI and only need to access the web once every two weeks to download fresh TV guide data (as long as you have an active TV Guide Data Service subscription).

GREAT HOME NETWORK/INTERNET CONNECTION – consider our network-connected models: Tablo DUAL LITE, Tablo DUAL 128GB, Tablo QUAD, Tablo QUAD 1TB

#5: Do you want the simplicity of onboard storage?

Tablo onboard versus bring your own storage

With storage-included Tablo OTA DVRs like Tablo DUAL 128GB and Tablo QUAD 1TB, there’s no need to shop for and buy a compatible hard drive. This makes it super simple to start recording Over-the-Air TV right out of the box. And if you wind up needing more space to store recordings in the future, these DVRs also allow you to expand your storage space up to 8TB.

However, compatible storage options are super affordable and can be found at any big box or electronics store. Hard drives are also incredibly simple to install, even when using internal storage on the Tablo QUAD. So, if you’re keen to maximize your recording capacity right away, our standard OTA DVR models may be the most economical option for you.

ONBOARD STORAGE – Consider our storage-included models: Tablo DUAL 128GB, Tablo QUAD 1TB
BRING YOUR OWN STORAGE – Consider our standard models: Tablo DUAL LITE, Tablo DUAL HDMI, Tablo QUAD, Tablo QUAD HDMI

Quick Reference Chart: Which Tablo OTA DVR Model is Right For Me?

Which Tablo OTA DVR is Right For Me

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