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Tablo Black Friday & Cyber Monday Event – Three Weeks of Exclusive Savings!



Instead of just Black Friday and Cyber Monday, we’ve got amazing exclusive deals all month long on Tablo devices.

We’re rolling out HUGE savings on the Tablo web store with new offers each week on a different model of Tablo Over-the-Air DVR!

Tablo Black Friday Cyber Monday 2022

If you’re planning to use an Over-The-Air TV antenna, or already have one, don’t miss this once-a-year chance to save BIG while enhancing your free TV experience.

Keep reading for details…


WEEK 1 – DOOR CRASHER DEAL – Lowest Price EVER on Refurbished Tablos

Tablo Black Friday 2022 - Refurbished Sale

Catch the deepest discounts you can get on a Tablo OTA DVR with our lowest prices ever on refurbished network-connected Tablo models.

Through November 29th, get a refurbished Tablo DUAL LITE for just $59.99 USD or a refurbished Tablo QUAD for just $119.99 USD!

Refurbished OTA DVRs are fully tested at Tablo HQ and support the latest firmware and apps so you can enjoy all the coolest Tablo features. Boxes include all the parts and accessories you'll need to get up and running, as well as a free 30-day trial of our TV Guide Data Service.

Refurbished units are also covered by Tablo’s 12-month warranty and 30-day money-back return policy.


WEEK 2 – PRE-BLACK FRIDAY – Deals on Network-Connected Tablos

Tablo Black Friday Week 2 Deal

Prefer to buy new? Through November 29th, enjoy additional savings of $35 off bring-your-own-storage network-connected Tablo OTA DVRs with the coupon code BF35.

  • Tablo DUAL LITE, currently on sale for $124.99 USD, just $89.99 USD with coupon
  • Tablo QUAD, currently on sale for $184.99 USD, just $149.99 USD with coupon

If you’re a TV fan on the move, who likes to watch on multiple screens and mobile devices, inside and outside the home, a network-connected OTA DVR is for you.

The Tablo DUAL LITE is a great option that lets you record and stream up to two antenna TV channels at once. And the Tablo QUAD lets you catch all your favorite broadcast TV shows with four tuners!

Both can accept external USB hard drives up to 8TB for recordings, but the QUAD also has an optional onboard slot for a SATA drive if you prefer to ‘hide’ your storage.



Tablo Black Friday Week 3 Deal

Have you been waiting for a deal on a TV-connected Tablo OTA DVR? Your time is now! We’re offering a screaming deal on Tablo DUAL HDMI and Tablo QUAD HDMI!

Through November 29th with the coupon code CYBER35, you can save $35 off new bring-your-own-storage Tablo HDMI DVRs on the Tablo web store:

Tablo DUAL HDMI, regularly $149.99 USD now just $114.99 USD with coupon
Tablo QUAD HDMI, regularly $199.99 USD now just $164.99 USD with coupon

If you’re a TV lover who watches primarily at home, on a single television screen, then a Tablo DUAL HDMI or Tablo QUAD HDMI TV-connected OTA DVR is for you.|

These traditional set-top-boxes connect directly to your television via HDMI, include a remote control, and support USB hard drives up to 8TB for recording storage.

They also offer the flexibility to stream live and recorded TV to additional televisions within the home on select streaming devices and Smart TVs with an active TV Guide Data Service subscription.


No matter how or where you prefer to watch local broadcast TV, there’s a Tablo OTA DVR available at a great deal for you this holiday season. Not sure which model is right for you? Learn more here.

As always, you can buy with confidence directly from the manufacturer and enjoy FREE shipping all day, every day! No minimum purchase required. Plus, all Tablo OTA DVRs are covered by our 30-day money-back guarantee and 1-year warranty.

As you shop, if you have a question about Tablo OTA DVRs, don’t hesitate to ask our in-house cord cutting experts! You can reach out to us in several ways, including on Facebook or Twitter.


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