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What’s the Difference Between a New and a Refurbished Tablo OTA DVR?

Updated May 31, 2022

Cord cutters love a great deal which is why lovingly refurbished Tablo Over-the-Air DVRs, available exclusively on our web store, are a popular choice among our customers.

But savvy bargain hunters have often asked about the difference between a refurbished Tablo OTA DVR and the new version of the same model. Is it simply what some retailers call an ‘open box’ deal? Not even close.

Tablo Refurbished Models

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‘Open Box’ Does Not Equal ‘Refurbished’

not open box

The Tablo web store offers a 30-day money-back return policy on all DVRs, as do all our authorized retail partners.

When a Tablo Over-the-Air DVR is returned, it does not go back out into the wild as ‘open box’ device. Instead, each DVR gets sent back to Tablo HQ to be refurbished.

This is a critical differentiation because all Tablo OTA DVRs come with a free 30-day trial of our TV Guide Data Service Subscription which is automatically enabled when the device is set up.

If a returned unit were accidentally resold by retailers or vendors as ‘open box’, it would likely have an expired trial, and there’s no guarantee that it would contain all the parts and accessories.

By refurbishing all returned DVRs in-house, we can ensure every cord cutter’s first impression with Tablo represents the best possible OTA DVR experience.


Tablo Refurbishment Process

tablo refurb process
During our refurbishment process, Tablo OTA DVRs are:

  • Thoroughly tested to ensure the device is free of hardware defects
  • Updated to the latest production Tablo firmware to ensure full compatibility with the latest features and apps
  • Checked to ensure all parts and accessories are present
  • Set with a fresh 30-day trial of our TV Guide Data Service subscription

In most cases, a refurbished Tablo’s external plastics will look brand new although some may have a couple of scratches that won’t impact the operation of the DVR.

The external packaging is not replaced to reduce waste and environmental impact and may show some wear and tear/signs of rough handling during multiple shipping adventures.  

So aside from a potential scuff or two, with a refurbished Tablo OTA DVR you’ll get an incredible deal and enjoy the same functionality of a brand-new Tablo model.

Returns, Warranties, & Support

customer support

Of course we hope you love your refurbished Tablo OTA DVR, but if it doesn’t meet your expectations, you can return it within 30 days just like you can with a new model.

Refurbished models are also covered by our full one-year warranty and include free in-house support in case you need tips on setting up your DVR or help at any point in the future.


Excellent Value in Refurbished Tablo OTA DVRs

tablo refurb value

Refurbished Tablo DVRs are typically priced lower than an equivalent new product. When you’re ready to cut the cord with a Tablo DVR, there’s no need to wait for a sale on refurbished units. They’re always an excellent value!

And you can shop confidently knowing the Tablo web store offers FREE shipping all day, every day! No minimum purchase required.


As you shop, if you have a question about Tablo OTA DVRs or cord cutting, in general, don’t hesitate to ask our in-house experts!

You can reach out to us in several ways, including on Facebook or Twitter.


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