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How To Get Ready for Fall TV Season

Fall TV premiere season is in full swing and with it comes a raft of new shows and returning primetime favorites.

Tablo How To Get Ready for Fall TV Season

To make sure you don’t miss out, we’ve assembled a few quick tips (and a deal) that will help you discover, watch, and record the best of broadcast TV this fall.


How to Check Your TV Antenna Setup

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If you have an outdoor TV antenna, do a quick inspection of your setup before the weather turns nasty. Verify that the antenna isn’t missing any elements and is still pointed towards your local broadcast towers. Check that the coax cabling hasn’t been chewed by wildlife and that the connectors are tight and free of corrosion.

Even if you have an indoor antenna, it’s worth checking its positioning, that your pets haven’t been snacking on the coax, or that the cabling hasn’t been pinched or bent by a piece of furniture.


How to Discover New TV Shows

Tablo TV Shows Premiering
If you rely on an Over-the-Air antenna alone, it can be challenging to find an accurate TV guide to know what’s airing when. It can be even harder to identify brand new primetime shows you might want to check out.

By connecting a Tablo DVR to your antenna, you can easily see what series are premiering over the next 2 weeks using the PREMIERING filter in the TV SHOWS screen your Tablo app or interface.

You can also check out series synopses and cast lists to decide if the show sounds interesting and easily set a series recording to make sure you don’t miss an episode.

Make sure to check back regularly as new TV guide data gets loaded into the system every night!


How to Record Your Favorite Returning Shows

Tablo Fire TV Scheduled

We know you’re also anxious for some old favorites like Grey’s Anatomy to return. If you have a Tablo DVR and previously set a series recording for this or another show, it will automatically record the latest season.

Want to double check or switch your series recording from ALL to ALL NEW to avoid re-runs? Head over to the SCHEDULED screen to see all the series you have set to record.


How to Save While Enjoying Your Favorite Free TV

Tablo $30 OFF BYO Storage Coupon
To make sure you’ve got enough cash to stock up on snacks to enjoy while watching your favorite primetime shows, we’ve got a sale on bring-your-own storage, network-connected Tablo Over-the-Air DVRs.

Through October 11th with the code TABLO30 you can score a:

The Tablo DUAL LITE is a great option that lets you record and stream up to two antenna TV channels at once. And the Tablo QUAD lets you catch all your favorite broadcast TV shows with four tuners!

Both can accept external USB hard drives up to 8TB for recordings, but the QUAD also has an optional on-board slot for a SATA drive if you prefer to ‘hide’ your storage.

Even better, the Tablo web store offers FREE shipping all day, every day! No minimum purchase required.

Plus, all Tablo OTA DVRs are covered by our 30-day money-back guarantee and 1-year warranty.


Have questions before you buy? Don’t hesitate to touch base with our cord cutting experts via Facebook, Twitter, or email.


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