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Woo hoo! Tablo App for Apple TV Now Available

Before Apple even announced the availability of an Apple TV that would support an App Store, people were asking us for a native Tablo app for Apple TV.

In January, we were excited to announce our plans to make this happen and show a preview of what Tablo users could expect from a native Tablo OTA DVR app on this new TVOS platform.

Over the past six months, our iOS team has been coding their fingers off developing a beautiful Tablo app for Apple TV designed from the ground up to deliver the same awesome Netflix-style look and feel as our other apps while taking advantage of some of the great features of the Apple TV ecosystem. 

Tablo Apple TV Live TV


And Tablo fans have been ‘encouraging’ the dev team the whole way:





Well, we’re excited to announce that today’s the day.
Tablo’s native app for the 4th generation of Apple TV set-top-boxes is now on the App Store!


Messing with me


We promise it's for real now.

The direct link is available at!


Friends Excited

Sheldon Excited

Everybody Dance Now


What You Can Expect with the Tablo App for Apple TV
As we announced in January, with version 1.0 of the Tablo App for Apple TV, you can enjoy your favorite network shows via both a Live TV guide and Recordings screens.


Tablo Apple TV recordings


One-time and series recordings can also be scheduled for programs airing within the next 24 hours.

Tablo Apple TV schedule


Thanks to Apple’s super-fast processor, in-app navigation, as well as launching live TV and recorded playback streams is amazingly quick.

Plus, you can easily skip commercials simply by asking Siri to jump ahead or back in the stream, (e.g. “Skip ahead two minutes.”) You can also ask, “Go back to the start.”

Seriously! Try it!


Tablo Apple TV skip Siri


Or, if you feel weird about talking to yourself just hit pause and then you can easily swipe back and forth in the scrubber complete with fast forward previews.


Tablo FFWD Previews


For those who need (or want) closed captioning, we’ve got you covered on this platform as well. Just swipe down during playback of live TV to access that menu option.


Remote Functions for the Tablo App on Apple TV
Here's a quick reference guide for using the Apple TV remote with the Tablo app.

Tablo Apple TV remote functions


Next Steps
After the iOS team takes a well-earned catnap, they’ll get back to work on additional screens and features that will be rolled out over the coming months so Apple fans can enjoy a fully-featured Tablo experience on their streaming media device of choice.


Important Details
As we mentioned, a link to the Tablo app for Apple TV (and all other Tablo apps) is available at To use the app, your Tablo must be running the latest firmware (2.2.10). The app is not available for older model Apple TVs.


Meet the Team Behind Tablo
If you want to check out the new Tablo Apple TV app live in person, or meet the team behind the product, we’ll be demonstrating it (and other cool new stuff we’ve been working on) at the upcoming CE Week featuring Get Geeked event in NYC.

From 6:00 - 9:00 p.m. on June 22nd, the show floor is open for tech enthusiasts to check out the latest gadgets from companies across North America. (Register here in advance.)

Please pop by and see us in booth #262 (map) in the Altman Building, 135 W 18th St.


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