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Tablo FAQs - Does Tablo Support Closed Captioning?

While closed captioning (CC) may not be the most 'sexy' feature, it's certainly critical for many people, and not just those that are hard of hearing. 

You might also enjoy using closed captioning if:

  • Tablo Closed CaptionsEnglish (or the language in which the show is being broadcast) is not your first language
  • The dialogue in the show is being spoken quickly, is being mumbled or is spoken in a heavy accent
  • You or one of your family members have a learning disability 
  • You want to watch TV silently (like while your partner sleeps)
  • You want to watch TV in a noisy environment (like while running on the treadmill)
  • You want to encourage literacy skills in your kids while they get their TV fix for the day


The Question
Does Tablo support closed captioning?


The Answer
Yes! Tablo supports closed captioning on the majority of its platforms including iOS smartphones and tablets, Android smartphones and tablets, Roku, Android TV, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Xbox One, and the web app at

The interface of TV-connected Tablo DVRs also supports this feature.


iOS Smartphones and Tablets
To enable, simply select the closed captioning button in the bottom right of the player and select the CC option in the drop down. 

Tablo iOS Closed Captioning Button

Tablo iOS Closed Captioning



Android Smartphones and Tablets
To enable, simply select the closed captioning button in the top right of the player. 

Tablo Android Closed Captioning Button

Tablo Android Closed Captioning


To enable, simply select the star (*) button on the Roku remote and select 'on' for captions mode. (Apologies for the slightly blurry photo... it's not possible to take a screenshot of the closed captioning enabled on Roku.)

Tablo Roku Closed Captions 


Apple TV
To enable on the 4th Generation Apple TV, use the remote to swipe down from the top and select 'Subtitles' and then 'CC'. 


Tablo Apple TV closed captions


Android TV
To enable, press down for settings. 

Tablo Android TV closed captions



Amazon Fire TV
To enable, press down for settings. 

Tablo Amazon Fire closed caption



Tablo's Web App
To enable, select the closed captioning button in the player. 

Tablo Web CC button


Tablo's Samsung TIZEN Smart TV App
To enable, on your Samsung Smart TV's menu go to SETTINGS > SYSTEM > ACCESSIBILITY -> CAPTION > ON. 

tablo samsung tizen closed captioning


TV-Connected Tablo DVR Interface
To enable, press down for settings

TV-Connected Tablo DVR closed captioning


The Exception
Unfortunately, Tablo does not support closed captioning via the LG Web OS app as the player software does not allow it.

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