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Now Available: Tablo App for Samsung Smart TVs

*** Select US models of Samsung Smart TVs built prior to 2019
and running the TIZEN operating system may have a native Tablo app. 
Please check your TV for compatibility.
Newer Samsung models will not receive the app and
older models are no longer receiving updates. ***


Just in time for the Winter Olympics, select Samsung Smart TV made after 2015 and running the TIZEN operating system can now download a Tablo app from the Samsung Store.

Once downloaded, you can enjoy live and recorded Over-the-Air TV from your Tablo OTA DVR on your Samsung Smart TV without the need for an HDMI streaming device.


tablo samsung 

What to Expect
Available for Tablo users in the United States, the Tablo app for Samsung Smart TVs is based on our popular web app, providing access to all of Tablo’s user interface screens.

The app is optimized for use with your existing Samsung remote which means you can easily jump between live and recorded content from your Tablo and other streaming apps you may have installed.

tablo samsung live tv 

You can browse and watch live TV from the grid guide, set and watch recordings, and even adjust your settings, all from the comfort of your couch.

tablo samsung guide 

You can download the app directly from the Samsung Store.

As always, all of our apps can be found at


Tablo App for Samsung Smart TVs FAQs

  • I have a Samsung Smart TV but I don’t see the Tablo app. Why not?
    Most Samsung Smart TVs built after 2015 and running the TIZEN operating system should have access to the Tablo app. If you do not see the app within the Samsung Store, your particular television may be excluded due to your location (we are unable to distribute the app to Samsung televisions in Canada), or due to technical limitations of your particular model of TV.

  • Why don’t I see the new Advanced Recording Features on the Tablo app on my Samsung Smart TV?
    The new advanced recording features enabled by firmware 2.2.18 have not yet been deployed to Tablo’s smart TV apps, but will be made available via future app updates.

  • Does the Tablo app for Samsung Smart TVs support the Tablo Connect out-of-home streaming service?
    Sorry, Tablo’s Smart TV apps do not support Tablo Connect. And really, why are you trying to tote a giant TV around anyways?

  • Why can’t I pause or rewind live TV on the Tablo app for Samsung Smart TVs?
    Unfortunately we are not able to offer pause or rewind functions on live TV via the Samsung Smart TV app due to a limitation in the player software. We are working to resolve this for a future update.



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