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Tablo DVR How-To: Four Tips for Using the Tablo App on Amazon Fire TV

Amazon Fire TV boxes, sticks, and Smart TVs are the 2nd most popular device used for watching content from Tablo OTA DVRs.

tablo amazon fire tv hardware

Tablo users love Amazon Fire TV because it’s fast, affordable, and provides access to all of Tablo’s screens and features, including Tablo Connect. It’s also based on the Android operating system, which means that along with content from your Tablo, you can access a wide variety of streaming services like Amazon Video, Netflix, and Sling TV all from the same home screen interface.

While the Tablo app for Amazon Fire TV is very intuitive, with the diversity of apps available, there will always be some differences in terms of what a button does in our app vs. another.

So, here are four tips and tricks that Tablo OTA DVR power-users should know when navigating the Tablo app on Amazon Fire TV...


TIP # 1: Just Press Play

tablo fire tv recordings

When browsing the menus of the Tablo app on Amazon Fire TV, hit the ‘Play/Pause’ button instead of the select button to bypass the advanced options screens and start enjoying your show right away.

  • From the Live TV grid, it will immediately begin playback of the selected channel.
  • In a list of recordings, it will immediately begin playback of the selected episode.
  • From the Recordings screen, it will begin playing the next available unwatched recording from the series you’ve highlighted.


TIP #2 - Fast Forward Through Multiple Seasons

six seasons

Want to move quickly through a list of multiple seasons of recordings of a single show? Just use the ‘FFWD’ and ‘REW’ buttons to skip back and forth.


TIP #3 - Enable Closed Captioning 

If you’re hard-of-hearing or just trying to avoid waking your partner up while watching TV in bed, you can enable closed captioning on Amazon Fire TV.

During playback of Live TV or a recording, just press and hold the ‘select’ button and click the 'enable closed captions' box.


TIP #4 - Quick Skips

tablo amazon fire tv fast forward

Use the left and right directional buttons to skip forward and back in the video in 10-second increments. This is great if you missed what a character said, or want to review a cool action sequence again.

Need a longer skip? Use the ‘FFWD’ or ‘REW’ buttons to skip in 20-second increments.


Tablo App on Amazon Fire TV Remote Guide
A quick primer of all of the controls in the Tablo app for Amazon Fire TV can be found below as well as in the 'help' screen of the app.  

tablo amazon fire TV remote


If you have any other tricks or tips for using your Tablo OTA DVR on Amazon Fire TV, or you have a suggestion on how we can improve navigation within the app, send us a message on Facebook, Twitter, or on the Tablo Community in our Feature Request section.



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