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EXTENDED: Tablo Summer Sale - Hot Deals on Cool DVRs!

*** Sorry, Tablo's Summer Sale has now ended ***

Although 2020 may seem like one of the longest years in modern history, fall TV season is right around the corner. 

So if you still have cable or satellite TV, or you're paying big bucks for a 'big bundle' streaming service, it's time to put some new cord cutting plans into action.

Tablo Refurbished Summer Sale 2020

Especially since Tablo's big summer sale on refurbished Over-the-Air DVRs starts NOW! 


Hot Deals on Already Reduced Tablo OTA DVRs

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For a limited time, you can save up to 40% off the cost of a new Tablo DVR by choosing a previously loved Tablo from the Tablo web store.  

Refurbished DVRs are fully tested at Tablo HQ, and support the latest Tablo firmware and apps so you can enjoy all of the coolest features like:


Tablo DUAL LITE refurbished sale
For example, you can get a refurbished Tablo DUAL LITE OTA DVR for just $89.99 USD or $114.99 CAD


Prefer to have recording storage included?

Tablo DUAL 64 OTA DVR refurbished sale

Check out the Tablo DUAL 64 — which includes 40 hours of onboard recording storage — for just $99.99 USD or $124.99 CAD.

Need more tuners? 

Tablo QUAD OTA DVR refurbished sale

Get a refurbished Tablo QUAD OTA DVR for just $139.99 USD (out of stock) or $179.99 CAD.

That's the lowest price EVER on this model!


NOTE - Refurbished Tablo OTA DVRs are restored and thoroughly tested by staff at Tablo HQ. Boxes include all parts and accessories you'll need to get up and running, as well as a 30-day trial of all subscription-based services. Refurbished units ARE covered by Tablo’s 12-month warranty, but NOT eligible for Tablo’s 30-day return policy, which is standard on all new units.

As you shop, if you have a question about Tablo OTA DVRs or cord cutting, in general, don’t hesitate to ask our experts!

You can reach out to us in several ways, including on Facebook or Twitter.


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