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Kind of a Big (Tablo) Deal - Refurbished Units Now Available

One of the qualities that unites cord cutters is that they love a great deal. 

Most of us became cord cutters in the first place because we were sick and tired of paying a lot of money for cable or satellite service and started looking for entertainment options that offered a better value. 

As you likely know if you already have a Tablo, switching from cable or satellite to a Tablo OTA DVR can save you at least $800 a year, if not more. This is why we've made Tablo even more wallet-friendly by adding refurbished 2- and 4-Tuner Tablo OTA DVRs to our Tablo online store. (Just select the Tablo version marked 'refurbished'.)

Tablo Refurbished Store


So if you love your Tablo OTA DVR, share this news with your friends who've been sitting on the fence about cutting the cord and they'll thank you for it!

What's the difference beteween a 'new' Tablo OTA DVR and a refurbished one?
Refurbished Tablo OTA DVRs are lovingly restored to a like-new state here at Tablo HQ. We make sure they work properly and that the boxes include all parts and accessories you'll need to get up and running. Also, refurbished Tablo units still include the 30-day trial of our guide data subscription and are covered by Tablo’s 12 month warranty policy. However, these units are NOT eligible for Tablo’s 30-day return policy which is standard on all new units.

There is a limited stock of refurbished Tablo OTA DVRs at any given time, so they may not always be in stock. Once they sell out, you'll have to wait until we have more available for sale. We'll do our best to keep you posted of availability via Twitter, Facebook and our Tablo Community Forums. You can also choose to sign up for our weekly newsletter for a roundup of the latest and greatest news and offers from the team behind Tablo.

How much can I save?
By chosing a refurbished model, you can save at least $45 versus the cost of a new model without losing any of the Tablo OTA DVR awesomeness. 

So if you're trying to save some pennies but still want to cut the cord, or are just looking for a deal on a second Tablo DVR, a refurbished model could be just what you're looking for.

You can check out the new refurbished models on our store now



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