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Tablo OTA DVR vs. Cable DVR - How Much Can I Expect to Save by Cutting the Cord?

In a recent survey, 40% of Tablo users said that saving money was their primary reason for cutting the cord on cable. (The second most popular reason was that cable programming wasn’t worth the cost…)

Given the rising costs of maintaining access to those 300+ channels of reality shows and speciality programs you likely never watch, it’s not surprising people are looking for alternatives to cable TV. The average cost of a mid-range cable TV package is between $70-$100 a month. And that’s just for content, not the rental of hardware or extra fees your provider might charge.

Given that 47 of the top 50 shows are available via Over-the-Air broadcast networks, the cost vs. benefit analysis just doesn’t add up for most viewers.

In the chart below, we’ve done the side-by-side comparison of what cutting the cord on your cable DVR and switching to Tablo DVR could save you over both one and two year periods.

Tablo vs. cable TCO 

Notes – Estimates are based on average costs for mid-tier HD cable and hardware rental. Does not include additional fees some cable companies may charge. All Tablo hardware costs are one-time whereas cable company hardware is based on long-term rental fees.
*Accessories include an indoor flat antenna ($40) and a 500 GB USB hard drive for storage ($50).
**Additional TV support includes a Roku 3 ($90) for Tablo units and additional DVR rentals for cable.
*** Support for mobile and out-of-home streaming for cable requires the addition of a Slingbox and may include restrictions on which content can be streamed.

As you can see based on our calculations, to achieve a similar setup that a Tablo DVR provides vs. what you can get through your cable provider, cord cutting and getting your content Over-the-Air will save you over $800 per year at least.

Imagine what you could do with those savings… One of our users bought a second car. Another installed solar panels making his home energy bill-free too.

What are you putting your cord cutting savings towards? And if you haven’t cut the cord, what are you waiting for?!


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UPDATE: We've built a Tablo Cord Cutter Calculator to help you find out exactly how much YOU can save by cutting the cord. Check it out today!

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