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Have Your Favorite Broadcast TV Shows Been Renewed or Canceled?

Abbott Elementary
Abbott Elementary

Summer and fall are usually when new seasons of our favorite television shows get made. But strikes by both the Writers Guild of America (now thankfully resolved) and the Screen Actors Guild (still ongoing) halted production.

Thankfully in the meantime we’ve been able to enjoy some great TV shows like Yellowstone, The Bachelor and Dancing with the Stars, as well as fall football action.

But we’d all like to get back to watching and recording new episodes of all our favorite shows with our Tablo DVRs, so let’s take a look at what shows will be back and which won’t!

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Renewed Broadcast TV Shows

Favorites like Abbott Elementary, Fire Country, NCIS and more will all be returning for new seasons at some point which is great news!

Already have these shows scheduled on your Tablo? New episodes will be automatically set record when they return to the air.

And if you use an external hard drive for your DVR, you’ll have enough space to save entire seasons of perennial favorites like The Simpsons which is coming back for an amazing 35th and 36th year!

  • 48 Hours – CBS – Renewed for season 35
  • 60 Minutes – CBS – Renewed for season 56
  • America’s Funniest Home Videos – ABC –Renewed for season 34
  • Jeopardy – ABC – Renewed until season 45
  • Survivor – CBS – Renewed for season 45
  • The Amazing Race – CBS – Renewed for season 35
  • The Bachelor – ABC – Renewed for season 28
  • The Simpsons – FOX – Renewed for seasons 35 and 36
  • Wheel of Fortune – ABC – Renewed until season 44
  • Abbott Elementary – ABC – Renewed for season 3
  • Accused – FOX – Renewed for season 2
  • Alert: Missing Persons Unit – FOX – Renewed for season 2
  • All American – THE CW – Renewed for season 6
  • All American: Homecoming – THE CW – Renewed for season 3
  • American Idol – ABC – Renewed for season 22
  • Bachelor in Paradise – ABC – Renewed for season 9
  • Blue Bloods – CBS – Renewed for season 14
  • Bob Hearts Abishola – CBS – Renewed for season 5
  • Bob’s Burgers – FOX – Renewed for seasons 14 and 15
  • Celebrity Family Feud – ABC – Renewed for season 9
  • Celebrity Jeopardy! – ABC – Renewed for season 2
  • Celebrity Wheel of Fortune – ABC – Renewed for season 4
  • Claim to Fame – ABC – Renewed for season 2
  • CSI Vegas – CBS – Renewed for season 3
  • Family Guy – FOX – Renewed for seasons 22 and 23
  • Fire Country – CBS – Renewed for season 2
  • Ghosts – CBS – Renewed for season 3
  • Grey’s Anatomy – ABC – Renewed for season 20
  • La Brea – NBC – Renewed for season 3
  • Lingo – CBS – Renewed for season 2
  • NCIS – CBS – Renewed for season 21
  • NCIS: Hawai’i – CBS – Renewed for season 3
  • Night Court – NBC – Renewed for season 2
  • Not Dead Yet – ABC – Renewed for season 2
  • Press Your Luck – ABC – Renewed for season 5
  • Shark Tank – ABC – Renewed for season 15
  • Sherri – FOX – Renewed for seasons 2 and 3
  • So Help Me Todd – CBS – Renewed for season 2
  • Station 19 – ABC – Renewed for season 7
  • Superman & Lois – THE CW – Renewed for season 4
  • S.W.A.T. – Renewed for 7th and final season
  • The Cleaning Lady – FOX – Renewed for season 3
  • The Connors – ABC – Renewed for season 6
  • The Drew Barrymore Show – CBS – Renewed for season 4
  • The Good Doctor – ABC – Renewed for season 7
  • The Jennifer Hudson Show – FOX – Renewed for season 2
  • The Neighborhood – CBS – Renewed for season 6
  • The Rookie – ABC – Renewed for season 6
  • Tough as Nails – CBS – Renewed for season 6
  • Walker – THE CW – Renewed for season 4
  • Will Trent – ABC – Renewed for season 

Canceled Broadcast TV Shows

Shows like Big Sky, Home Economics and Call Me Kat were not so lucky…

If you’ve got a Tablo DVR, you can safely remove these programs from your schedule.

  • Alaska Daily – ABC
  • American Auto – NBC
  • Big Sky – ABC
  • Call Me Kat – FOX
  • Dancing With Myself – NBC
  • East New York – CBS
  • Fantasy Island – FOX
  • Gotham Knights – THE CW
  • Grand Crew – NBC
  • Home Economics – ABC
  • Kung Fu – THE CW
  • The Company You Keep – ABC
  • The Resident – FOX
  • The Wheel – NBC
  • The Winchesters – THE CW
  • The Wonder Years – ABC
  • True Lies – CBS
  • Walker: Independence – THE CW
  • Young Rock – NBC

Don’t have Tablo yet and want to be able to watch and record live TV, subscription-free when your favorite show returns?

Get yours today!

Wondering what streaming TV shows were renewed or canceled? Check out this larger list from US Magazine.

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