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Access Your Tablo Anywhere with Tablo Connect

Have you ever been bored at work (don't worry we won't tell), waiting for a doctor's appointment or in your local coffee shop, and thought to yourself, "Why can't I watch my local news, or last night's episode of the Big Bang Theory, or that awesome Simpsons episode re-run from last month?"

Angry Homer

Well, you're in luck! Today we're talking about one of our coolest features that will let you do just that - Tablo Connect.

When you've enabled Tablo Connect, your Tablo turns on a Slingbox-like feature that makes it easy for you to access your home Tablo while on the road via an internet, Wi-Fi or cellular data connection. 


So How Do I Get Tablo Connect?

If your home router is enabled with a Universal Plug n' Play (UPNP) function, setting up Tablo Connect is as simple as clicking a checkbox in the settings screen.

Tablo Connect Checkbox

Some routers may require additional configuration, but don't worry, we have a guide to help you make the required port forwarding changes on the Tablo Knowledge Base

Tablo Connect Additional Configuration


Your device must be 'paired' with your Tablo on your Tablo's home network for Tablo Connect to work. Pairing is accomplished simply by syncing your device with your Tablo while you're at home.

Devices that currently support Tablo Connect include:

  • PC/Mac
  • iOS & Android smartphones
  • iOS & Android tablets
  • Android TV
  • Amazon Fire TV

Tablo Connect is not yet supported on Roku or the native Apple TV app. Apple TVs can however Airplay content from paired iOS devices. 


Once paired, Tablo and your app communicate and confirm a secure authentication, all without having to remember and type in a password. Then, when you're away from home, your Tablo Connect-enabled device will know it's away and will contact our server to remember how to reach the Tablo in your home.


What's awesome about Tablo Connect? From anywhere in the world, it'll let you:

  • Watch, pause and record Live TV from your home Tablo
  • Schedule recordings
  • Manage existing recordings
  • Stream your recorded shows

It's the perfect way to enjoy your favourite shows on the go!


Now that you've got one more way to enjoy awesome and free HDTV content on your Tablo OTA DVR, Hank Scorpio has some advice on how to dispose of those pesky old cable bills. 

Hank Scorpio

Looking for more details on Tablo Connect? Learn more here.



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