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Cord Cutting This Week - Pay TV Prices Through the Roof, New Roku Sneak Peek & More

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Pay TV is 40% More Expensive Than 5 Years Ago 

Our friends at Business Insider are reporting on a new Leichtman Research study that shows prices for cable and satellite have gone up 40% in the last five years. Ouch! In 2011, US subscribers paid on average $73.63 for cable or satellite. In Leichtman's latest study that number is $103.10.

If you'd rather have $100 in YOUR pocket every month instead of the pockets of cable shareholders and executives, check out our Cord Cutting 101 guide.   


... And They're Using Sneaky Tactics to Get You to Stay

Many would-be cord cutters have reported that their cable provider has indicated it'd be less expensive to keep TV service with internet rather than internet alone. CordCuttersNews warns what we already knew: IT’S A TRAP!

When you add up the fees and taxes for that 'great deal' TV package, it's very rare that you'd be saving any money by keeping TV.  


... Which is Why the Cord Cutting Revolution is Growing 

A recent Magid Avisors survey shows cord cutting intent has jumped more than 7% since 2011 among people under 34, and almost 4% among the rest of the population.

"This makes every next year harder and harder for these operators." Paraphrasing a media executive, the study's author added that, "very small numbers make a very big difference when you're dealing with mass media."



Hillary vs. The Donald - How to Watch the Debates

It's fall and that means election season is gearing up in the US. If you're hoping to watch the upcoming debates, expert Chris Brantner from has a great guide on how to do that as a cord cutter

New Roku Sneak Peek!  

As we shared in our first newsletter, the good folks at Roku have plans to roll out new hardware later this year. Dave over at ZatzNotFunny has the first pictures of the new devices as well as some details

It seems like most of the new Roku units will take on the Roku 4's form-factor with the exception of the new 'Roku 1' (a.k.a. the Roku Express) which looks like it's been chopped in half.

Will you be picking up a new Roku for your cordcutting ecosystem when they hit stores? Let us know on
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Netflix Planning to have 50% Original Content  

If you love Stranger Things, Daredevil and Orange Is the New Black the folks at Netflix have good news for you: they're planning to make even more original content!

With a mix of programs from free Over-the-Air TV and a select number of streaming services, you can have more TV than you could even possibly watch at a much lower price than cable. 

What streaming services do you use alongside Over-the-Air TV? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter.  


Tablo Deal of the Week - 4-Tuner with FREE Hard Drive  

Speaking of all of the awesome content available with an antenna, if you want to be able to record and stream your favorite shows has a great deal on right now: a FREE 1 TB Toshiba Canvio hard drive with the purchase of a 4-Tuner Tablo DVR.

With so many networks pitting new shows and old favorites against each other during prime time, extra tuners and hard drive space will likely come in handy. Get it while you can! 


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