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Great Mother’s Day Gifts to Help Mom Cut the Cord on Cable

Mother’s Day 2022 is right around the corner!

Check out our recommendations for Mother’s Day gift ideas that are more exciting than flowers and chocolates PLUS will help the moms in your life cut the cord on cable TV while still enjoying their favorite shows.

Tablo Mother's Day Gift Guide 2022

Even better, there are some great cord cutting deals AND lower-cost alternatives for folks on a budget!


Roku Ultra - For the ‘New to Streaming’ Mom

Roku Ultra Mother's Day

If your mom is still paying for cable TV and has never ventured into the world of streaming, get her a Roku Ultra. With a friendly interface and tons of free apps, she’ll be reaching for Roku’s easy-to-use remote control instead of the cable remote in no time.

Thanks to the private listening feature, she can binge her favorite shows without waking Dad up.

And even better, the Roku Ultra has a built-in remote finder, so if someone (cough, Dad, cough) loses it in the couch cushions, Mom doesn’t have to tear apart the house to find it.

Roku Ultra Streaming Player – $69.99 US (regularly $99.99 US)

Budget-Friendly Alternative: The Roku Streaming Stick 4K has a few less features, but is still a solid way for mom to get started with streaming – $39.99 US (regularly $49.99 US)


Philo Subscription – For the ‘Missing my Programs’ Mother

Philo Subscription Mother's Day

If everyone in the family knows not to bother Mom when she’s binging Hallmark holiday movies or her fav shows on HGTV, then a subscription to the low-cost streaming service Philo is perfect.

For just $25/month, Mom can watch all her favorite shows from HGTV, Food Network, TLC, Lifetime, OWN, Hallmark, and more without paying for cable TV.

There’s even 20 hours of cloud DVR space included!

Philo – $25/month (no contract)

Budget-Friendly Alternative: Frndly has fewer channels, but at just $6.99/month will give Mom her Hallmark movie fix for less.   


Over-the-Air TV Antenna – For the ‘Broadcast Drama’ Mama

Antennas Direct OTA Antenna Mother's Day
If your mom is reluctant to cut cable because she doesn’t want to miss her soaps, talk shows, network dramas, or reality TV, an Over-the-Air TV antenna from Antennas Direct is a great gift.

It’ll let her catch Y&R, The View, NCIS, and The Bachelor live for free which means more money left for snacks and wine.

Even better, you can save 20% off at with the code TABLO20

Antennas Direct ClearStream Eclipse Amplified Antenna – $51.99 US with code TABLO20 (regularly $64.99)

Budget-Friendly Alternative: For moms who live within 30 miles of local TV towers, try the unamplified version of the Antennas Direct ClearStream Eclipse for just $35.99 US with code TABLO20 (reguarly $44.99 US). 


Tablo Over-the-Air DVR – For the ‘On-The-Go’ Mum

Tablo OTA DVR Mother's Day

If the mum in your life is constantly shuttling kids between school, soccer practice, and doctor’s appointments, she probably doesn’t get to enjoy her shows live.

A storage-included Tablo Over-the-Air DVR will record and even stream her favorite broadcast TV programs live to her tablet or smartphone, so she can watch them on-the-go, in the waiting room, or later at home once the kids are down for the night.

The Tablo QUAD 1TB has up to 700 hours of onboard recording storage and can record up to four of her favorite shows at the same time so she won’t miss a thing.

Tablo QUAD 1TB OTA DVR – $219.99 US (regularly $239.99 US) through May 10th 

Budget-Friendly Alternative: For moms who only need up to 80 hours of onboard storage and up to two concurrent recordings, the Tablo DUAL 128GB OTA DVR is the perfect choice for just $139.99 US 
(regularly $169.99 US) through May 10th .


Have questions as you shop? Don’t hesitate to reach out to our cord cutting experts via Facebook or Twitter.


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