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How I Cut the Cord with Tablo – by Carlo, the Connected-Home Cord Cutter

You've heard the buzz and read the expert reviews, but sometimes it helps to hear the whole story from real Tablo customers to know if this is the right solution for you.

Our blog series, "How I Cut the Cord with Tablo" features Q&A style interviews with our Tablo OTA DVR customers, focusing on how they've cut the cord on cable to save money while enjoying a whole-home DVR experience using Tablo.

Whether you're still on the fence about cutting the cord or you're just looking for tips and tricks on how to improve your cord-cutting setup, we hope you'll find these cord-cutting success stories helpful. 


Why did you cut the cord?
I’m a technologist all the way. I absolutely love to have the latest gadgets and technology in my life. Within my Smart Home, I like to create routines which, for example, dim the lights when the Roku reports my TabloTV app is running.

Before cutting the cord with Tablo, I was stuck with the outdated tech that comes standard with traditional cable subscriptions. I hated the 1980’s style cable boxes, rarely updated apps, and old-school interfaces.

Cutting cable allowed me to use best-of-breed apps and technology, make upgrades as I saw fit, and use all my favorite Smart Home bells and whistles.

tablo smart home automation cord cutter

How much money are you saving each month?
I was never an all-you-can-eat type of cable subscriber but even my basic cable package was approaching $100 bucks a month.

Switching to Tablo allowed me to save the $100 and apply some of it towards even faster internet which the whole household has enjoyed.


What do you get with a TV antenna that you couldn’t get another way?
For me it was serving additional TVs. With the Tablo system, I was able to connect TVs throughout the house since I wasn’t being bonked over the head by the cable company with ‘per-room’ equipment leasing fees.

Having these additional connected TVs also allowed me to leverage them in my Smart Home configurations. Because of the flexibility of Roku I can use the IP Camera Viewer – Pro channel to show CCTV feeds and also watch Over-the-Air TV via the Tablo Channel.

Why did you choose the Tablo OTA DVR as part of your home entertainment arsenal?
I’ve been an early adopter of cord cutting tech for at least 4 years now. At the time, Tablo was the best deal in town. Not only was I able to stream live OTA TV channels throughout the house, but by attaching a USB hard drive I had a local version of a DVR as well. The entire set up was super easy to use and understand. Tablo also had a great Roku app which is my endpoint of choice in the house.


What’s been the best thing about using/having Tablo so far?
The best thing about Tablo is the flexibility of watching what I want, where I want. It’s great to have TVs in rooms that I only use occasionally without worrying about equipment leasing fees.

For example, I spent the summer watching World Cup Soccer on my laptop using the Tablo Web App while working at my home office.

What other services and tools do you use to watch TV/Video content and why?
Netflix is what we use for movies. It seems to have a little bit of everything to make everyone in the household happy.

I also have recently started using the Roku Channel app which has a great selection of television that the family enjoys. We are currently working our way though the ALF series. 30 years later, my kids think it’s entertaining.


What advice do you have for others thinking of cutting the cord?
Do it! Don’t get caught up with what channels you’ll get or lose. You’ll find that after cutting the cord, you won’t miss anything that you thought you might.

There is a surprisingly LARGE amount of television available to cord cutters. And unlike cable subscribers, we can take advantage of new apps and features being rolled out all the time.


If you're already enjoying your Tablo OTA DVR, remember to post a review of your DVR on Amazon and let your fellow cord-cutters know how Tablo works for you.

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