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Free TV = Good TV: How You Can Get HDTV for FREE

Tablo DVR Living RoomFree television programming is back, and unlike the fuzzy reception of yesteryear, it's digital - delivered in crisp, beautiful high definition over the air, directly to your TV. In fact, because the HDTV Over-The-Air (OTA) signal is the only content being delivered through this connection, the picture will be clearer than what you're getting even from your cable provider because they're trying to push internet and phone services through the same pipe as TV, therefore compressing the video signal.

How do I get free HDTV?

If you own a TV manufactured after 2007, all you need is an antenna. You'll have to upgrade from the rabbit ears of old, but there's a wide array of antenna options on the market from small table top models to larger attic or roof mounted options. Depending on what city you live in, how close you are to broadcast towers, and how powerful your antenna is, you can expect to get a handful to over a hundred channels!

For example, in the United States, customers in most areas will be able to get FOX, NBC, CBS, ABC, PBS, and CW networks. In Canada, most will be able to get CBC, CTV, Global, CityTV as well as regional and language-specific content. Canadians living close to the border may also get signals from American networks.

To find out exactly which channels you could receive at your house, visit our TV channel signal locator tool.

Ditching my Expensive Cable Subscription Sounds Good, But...

Cable companies have done a great job at convincing us that we need them. They've locked us in to long contracts with big cancellation fees. They've bundled television with other critical services (phone and internet) at a discount to further entrench our telecom loyalty. They've gotten us hooked on the time-shifting that proprietary set-top-boxes and traditional DVRs offer. And yet, researchers estimate that over 900,000 households each year and growing are 'cutting the cord'. Why?

Technology makes it easy to cut the cord.

One simple reason: technology is finally making "cord cutting" easy and less scary for the masses. OTA HDTV gives access to local and basic network programming. Over-the-Top streaming video providers like Netflix and Hulu round out programming choices. Hardware like AppleTV, Roku and Chromecast let you easily stream this content to your TV.

The missing piece has been the unifier: a technology that brings HDTV and streaming video together, gives you a user-friendly way to navigate through programming as well as a way to record and watch it later on a variety of devices.

Providing this unifying technology in an easy-to-use format to consumers is Nuvvyo's goal. It's why we built the Tablo DVR and apps. Learn more about Tablo enjoy a better way to watch Free HDTV today!

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