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Fall for Big Savings on New Tablo DVRs



Although prime-time television lineups are still shifting, there will be plenty of new TV to watch this fall including NFL football.

And if you’re still paying big bucks for cable or satellite, it’s well past time to join over 3 million households that have already ditched pay TV this year.

Thankfully, you can score a key piece of cord cutting gear for less right now with big savings on new Tablo OTA DVRs!

Tablo Fall Sale 2020

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Save $30-$50 OFF New Tablo DVRs

Tablo DUAL LITE Best Buy 99

For a limited time, you can save big on your choice of two Tablo Over-the-Air DVRs that make it easy to watch and record your favorite broadcast TV shows.

If you prefer to bring your own recording storage, our friends at Best Buy are offering $50 off the super-popular Tablo DUAL LITE model both in-store and online.

With two tuners and the ability to connect up-to an 8TB USB hard drive, you’ll never run out of space to save your favorite shows and play them back anytime, anywhere, and on just about any device.

Tablo DUAL 128GB 139

If you prefer a DVR with onboard storage, the new Tablo DUAL 128GB is also on sale for the first time!

A Tablo online store exclusive, the DUAL 128GB is now just $139.99 USD or $194.99 CAD and includes up to 80 hours of built-in recording storage.

If you find later that you need additional space for recordings, that’s OK! You can add a USB hard drive up to 8TB to the DUAL 128GB at any time.


As you shop, if you have a question about Tablo OTA DVRs or cord cutting, in general, don’t hesitate to ask our experts!

You can reach out to us in several ways, including on Facebook or Twitter.


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