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Digital Subchannel Watch: Why Cord Cutters Should Check Out Buzzr

We hope you enjoy the following guest post from Michael Heiss, technology strategist, consultant, CEDIA FELLOW, contributing editor to Residential Systems Magazine, and cord cutting enthusiast.


One would think that game shows are somewhat perishable. After all, once you’ve seen an episode, why watch it again? So, where do old game shows go? 

Many of them live anew on BUZZR, a digital subchannel network found on lots of stations across the US, in many cases via local Fox Network affiliates. As a cord cutter and vintage TV fan, I happened across BUZZR on Ch.13.2 here in Los Angeles, and have become an aficionado.

Buzzr Logo 

A vast majority of the schedule consists of shows from what was once known as Goodson-Todman Productions, a prolific producer of game shows from the 1950s through to the mid-1990s.

Mark Goodson and Bill Todman created many seminal game show formats, and in the process were the team behind What’s My Line, Match Game, Concentration, Family Feud, To Tell The Truth, The Price is Right and many more.

Yes, some of these have recently been brought back and The Price is Right continues on, seemingly forever, albeit under a new production company since the death of Goodson and Todman and the subsequent sale of their company.

buzzr shows 

What are my Buzzr favorites?

Match Game

Starring Gene Rayburn, I love to laugh at their mod outfits and hear the witty banter between the stars and the contestants’ very 70s answers to questions.

 tablo match game

What’s My Line?

This is one of the first Goodson-Todman shows, and a classic. Here too you can enjoy contestants dressed in incredible 1950s outfits and the panelists trying to guess the jobs the contestants had that either don’t exist anymore or are so stereotyped with regard to gender. Plus the ‘mystery celebrity guest’ list is so filled with old-time performers, sports stars and politicians it's like a time warp!

what's my line jobs

Even better, on What’s My Line? and To Tell The Truth they run the original 1950s and 1960s commercials! Those Mad Men-era spots and seeing someone jump for joy when they win $100 means Buzzr is worth tuning in to. 

typewriter commercial


Are the game shows that pique your interest on at an inconvenient time? That’s why Tablo is so great. You can set your favorites to record and watch them anytime and anywhere!

Not sure if Buzzr is available in your area? Use Tablo’s channel locator tool to find out.


buzzr channel locator

Stay tuned for news on even more cool digital subchannels in the weeks ahead!


Michael HeissMichael Heiss is a technology strategist, consultant, CEDIA Fellow, a contributing editor to Residential Systems Magazine, and proud wearer of test pattern suits. Follow him on Twitter @captnvid



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