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12 Days of Tablo – A Cord Cutter Gift Guide for 2021

2021 has been quite the wild ride but the holidays and a new (and hopefully better) year are finally approaching.

Whether someone on your list is planning to cancel cable in January or is a long-time cord cutter, we’ve got some great gift ideas that are sure to make them smile.

12 Days of Tablo Cord Cutting Gift Guide

Keep reading for our 2021 cord cutting gift guide. With only 12 days left until the big day, as an extra treat, we’ve thrown in a coupon code for those who plan to put a Tablo Over-the-Air DVR under the tree!

NOTE - All prices listed are MSRP but many are discounted for holiday shopping!


Great Gifts Under $50 for Any Cord Cutter

Great Gifts for Cord Cutters Under $50

Without breaking the bank, these gifts are guaranteed to be a hit with just about anyone who has cut the cord on cable TV.

  • An Over-the-Air TV Antenna (starting at $20 US)
    Every cord cutter should have an Over-the-Air TV antenna to enjoy free live, local broadcasts. If they live in an urban area, a small indoor TV antenna will do. Those who live in the burbs will want a larger, more expensive outdoor model though. Use this tool to find out if they can get broadcast signals at their address.

  • An Over-the-Air Antenna Recommendation Consultation ($40 US)
    Not sure which antenna to buy? New cord cutters or those looking to ditch more expensive ‘big bundle’ streaming services would benefit from an Over-the-Air TV antenna recommendation consultation with Tyler The Antenna Man. Known for his popular YouTube Channel, Tyler will provide expert advice based on their specific location so your gift recipient can enjoy free OTA TV for years to come.

  • A Streaming Service Gift Card (starting at $25 US)
    Just about every streaming TV service offers either physical or digital gift cards which can be applied to new or existing accounts. And don’t be afraid to think beyond Netflix and Disney+… Try a Paramount+ card for Trekkies, Crunchyroll for anime fans, or Curiosity Stream for documentary enthusiasts.


Great Gifts Over $50 for Any Cord Cutter

Great Cord Cutting Gifts Over $50

If you have a bit more to spend, anyone who’s cancelled cable TV would be pleased to unwrap these gifts.

Gifts for Specific Types of Cord Cutters
Want more tailored cord cutting gift advice? These gifts are sure to please the cord cutter in your life.

Gifts for Your Apple Fan Cord Cutter

Great Cord Cutting Gifts for Apple Fans
Cord cutters with a household full of Apple gear will appreciate:

  • An upgrade to the most recent Apple TV 4K (starting at $179 US)
  • An upgraded Apple TV remote for their older Apple TV model ($59 US)
  • A top-of-the-line Tablo QUAD 1TB OTA DVR (if they have an Over-The-Air TV antenna) will let them watch live and recorded local TV broadcasts via their Apple TV, iPhone, iPad, and MacBook ($239.99 US)

Gifts for Your Android Fan Cord Cutter

Cord Cutting Gifts for Android Fans
For cord cutters who prefer Android devices, these gifts will hit the mark:


Give the Cord Cutter in Your Life A Tablo Over-the-Air DVR & Save!

All Tablo DVRs on sale coupon code TABLO12DAYS

As a special treat for those who plan to put a Tablo DVR under the tree this holiday season, we’ve put all our Over-the-Air DVRs (including refurbished models) on sale!

Just enter the coupon code TABLO12DAYS at checkout, and you’ll save $25 on any Tablo OTA DVR!

This offer is good for 12 days through Christmas Eve (December 24th) but get your orders in ASAP if you’d like your DVR to arrive in time.


Have questions while you’re shopping? Don’t hesitate to ask our in-house cord cutting experts!

You can reach out to us in several ways, including on Facebook or Twitter.


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