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Tips & Tricks for Using Tablo on your Smartphone

*** UPDATE *** 

We now have downloadable apps for iOS and Android smartphones! Links to all of our apps can always be found at





Did you know that you can use the Tablo web app on your smartphone and watch live and recorded content from your Tablo OTA antenna DVR anywhere in the world?

Yes, it might be a tiny screen, but when you’re missing the game, on the bus, or waiting in line at the DMV, it’s a great option to watch content, or if you’re running late, to schedule a recording so you don’t miss a show.

How It Looks
On your smartphone, the Tablo web-based app (available at looks and behaves much like it does on other web-enabled devices like computers and tablets. Yes, there’s a much smaller viewing window so there’s a bit more scrolling, but you can still browse, record and stream all of your awesome HDTV content.


Tablo smartphone primetime Tablo Smartphone menu


There is one caveat though – if you want to watch live TV, you need to click on the station ID instead of the show ID to launch the player.


Tablo watch live TV smartphone


Getting More Screen Real Estate
Since display space is at a premium on a smartphone, gaining some extra pixels is always helpful and you can do this easily AND make accessing Tablo on your phone easier by setting a home screen bookmark.

On iOS, simply select the bookmark icon and then select ‘Add to Home Screen’. 



On, Android select the menu bar and then select ‘Add to Home Screen’. 


Tablo add homescreen


Once you have the web-based app saved as a home screen bookmark, you can easily launch it just like any other app on your phone. This will also remove the URL toolbar at the top, giving you a bit more space to enjoy TV on your phone.


Tablo smartphone app Tablo smartphone app


Tablo smartphone live tv

What shows have you enjoyed watching on your phone with Tablo?


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