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Tablo How To: Setting a Manual Recording

With a Tablo subscription, it takes just a single click or touch to set something up to record. But sometimes, you might need more granular options for setting recordings which is why all Tablo DVR users have access to settings for manual recordings.

For those who choose not to have a Tablo subscription, this will be the primary method of setting recordings.

Setting a Manual Recording
The manual recordings menu can be found in the scheduled screen of all Tablo apps. 

Look for the plus sign and select it... (It may be located at the bottom of the scheduled list in some apps.)

Tablo Manual Recordings

Tablo Roku Manual Programs


Once the menu is open, you’ll see you have two main choices for setting a manual recording: repeating or just once.

Tablo Manual Recordings Input

 To set a recording you’ll need to enter the following information:

  • A title – This will identify this recording within the recordings screen, so make sure to choose something descriptive
  • The channel you want to record
  • The day (for repeating recordings) or the date (for ‘just once’ recordings)
  • The specific start time - can be set to the nearest second
  • The duration of the recording - can be set to the nearest minute


Tablo Manual Recordings Granular Settings



Once you’ve set your recording, it will appear in your scheduled recordings screen.

Tablo Manual Recordings Scheduled


When a recording is completed, you can find it with the rest of your recordings.

Tablo Manual Recording Finished 

Now you know how easy it is to set a personalized personalized manual recording on your Tablo so you can do things like record just the monologue of a night-time talk show or create a single huge recording of a marathon broadcast of your favorite show.

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