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Sneak Peek @ CE Week NY: New Features, More Storage

The Tablo team is at CE Week in New York City today and tomorrow (along with fellow Ottawa companies like home security and automation gurus Piper and the team behind photo app Kwilt), giving journalists and industry experts a sneak peek at Tablo firmware and app updates that will be coming to your OTA DVR very soon.

Sheldon Excited

This firmware update (Version 2.2.2) includes support for several new features we know you guys will be VERY excited about and will make a big difference in management, storage and playback of your Over-the-Air content including:

Support for larger hard drives
If you’re itching to create an archive of your favorite Simpsons episodes or just to use that big 5TB drive you’ve been eyeing at Best Buy, then you’re in luck! The new firmware load is built on a brand new O/S that lets Tablo work with drives of any size (as long as they’re USB 2.0 compatible) and will also speed up formatting, with a 5TB drive ready to use in as little as 30 seconds.

Tablo large hard drive support

Expanded support for FFW previews & closed captioning
We’ve heard how you’ve fallen in love with FFW previews and closed captioning support on Roku, and you’ll soon be able to enjoy these handy features on our big screen apps for Amazon Fire TV and Android TV.

Tablo FFW preview

Background SmartSync
Sync is an important process which makes sure your Tablo app has the latest guide data and updates for your Tablo DVR but many of you wished we could eliminate the wait caused by syncing your devices. We listened and have pushed the sync process into the background which means you get instant access to recordings and other Tablo app functions while new guide data populates.

Bulk Delete
Another popular request: Tablo customers will be able to delete multiple episodes of a series with a single click. You’ll be able to choose from ‘delete all’, ‘delete watched’ and ‘delete failed’ to easily clear up space on your hard drive.

Tablo bulk delete

A Few More Things…
To round out the release we’ve also tweaked our FFW preview engine to be more efficient and have made several small changes in the background to improve overall performance.

This new release is currently working its way through our quality assurance team before we unleash it on our trusty beta testers. It will be generally available in July. Keep an eye out for the update notification on your Tablo or for the news on Facebook, G+ and Twitter or sign up for our newsletter.

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