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Tablo Lets You See Through Time - Sort Of…

DeloreanNow don’t get too excited… We haven’t turned Tablo into a Delorean, nor will it help you pick numbers for the next Power Ball draw. We have however added a feature that many users have been wishing for: fast forward and rewind thumbnail support for recordings.


What does this mean?
Once you’ve installed firmware 2.1.24 Tablo will automatically create thumbnail previews of all past and future recordings.

So as you skip forward and back through a recording in both the Tablo Roku channel and web app you’ll be able to see a small preview screen. (Note, this feature is not available for Live TV.)

Thumbnails are created within minutes after the completion of a recording (when a tuner is availabile). 

Tablo FFW preview thumbnail


Why is this so cool?
With this window into what’s happening at any point in the recording, you can now quickly hop through commercial breaks or skip forward to a particular segment, like a musical guest in a late night talk show.

We hope you all enjoy this awesome feature! And if you have any other cool features you’d like to see come to Tablo, leave us a note on the Tablo Community forum.


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