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Cable Companies Running Scared, Warning of Mutant Bunny Attacks

Technology is making cord-cutting easier which is making cable companies nervous. So much so that they likely spent a lot of money to create and circulate a series of web ads featuring seemingly stupid people in completely implausible situations with the goal of scaring current or potential cord-cutters into maintaining their service.

The first scenario shows someone getting attacked by a mutant bunny because without cable he didn’t see the news that they were on the loose. Sorry cable operators but not only are evil mutant bunnies not a real thing (that we know of) but you can still get all the local news you can handle FOR FREE via Over-The-Air TV.

Needless to say, folks on Twitter were not impressed:

Nice try cable companies, but people will stop cutting the cord around the same time the mutant bunny apocalypse happens.


UPDATE: The NCTA has decided to axe this campaign due to the uproar:

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