Meet Tablo

Enjoy Free HDTV your way with Tablo, the first broadcast TV system designed to combine the functionality of a DVR and the convenience and mobility of a tablet app.

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Watch broadcast TV on any device.

Tablo lets you watch live and recorded television on any device in your home.

  • On your big screen TV with Apple TV, Roku or Chromecast
  • On your PC or Mac with a web browser
  • On your tablet with Tablo App for iPad or Android
  • On your smartphone with a web browser

Tablo redefines the remote control.

One touch of the Tablo interface and you'll never settle for a traditional remote control again. It's visually rich and colorful, intuitively organized and easy to use.

Experience better quality HD video that won't tie up your bandwidth.

Cable operators compress their TV signals to conserve bandwidth in order to deliver multiple services (phone, TV and internet) over a single connection. Over-the-Air (OTA) HDTV signals received through antennae are uncompressed, delivering an incredibly crisp HD picture far superior to what you've been getting from your cable provider.

The ultimate cord cutting solution.

Tablo delivers live, local HDTV broadcast programs you can't get through Over The Top (OTT) internet content providers like Hulu and Netflix. Catch up on hometown news and sports and watch your favorite network shows live without having to wait until the next day AND without the pricey cable bill.