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Tablo device features.

Flexible. Compact. Adaptable.

Minimalist design, maximum entertainment.

Compact design.

Tablo’s attractive design blends into any décor and despite its compact size, it delivers free TV to any room in your home.

Tablo offers a compact design.

Wall mountable.

Tablo includes mounting hardware and simple instructions to save shelf space by securing the device to the wall.

Woman watching Tablo on phone in kitchen with Tablo and antenna mounted on wall behind

Flexible positioning.

Since Tablo connects to your home Wi-Fi network and televisions wirelessly, you can place it wherever your TV antenna gets the best reception.

Tablo offers flexible positioning

Key Tablo hardware features.

Get to know the functions inside and the ports outside of your Tablo device.

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Tune in to free TV.


Multi-tasking DVR.

Tablo features two (2) onboard ATSC 1.0 tuners to record and stream free live broadcast TV signals from two channels simultaneously. 

Enjoying recordings and free live streaming channels doesn’t require a tuner at all.

Stream two channels at once.

Dual tuners mean you can watch two different live antenna TV channels on multiple different devices, simultaneously.

Watch and record simultaneously.

Tablo lets you watch live broadcast TV while recording another channel, so you never miss a moment.

Room for all your favorite shows.


50+ hours of HD capacity.

Save all your favorite shows right on Tablo’s built-in recording storage.

Archiving technology automatically compresses recordings saved to onboard storage to maximize space while preserving picture quality.

Need more room for recordings?

Expand your recording storage by up to 1,000 hours of programming at any time by connecting a USB hard drive.

Recordings saved to external hard drives are stored in full, uncompressed quality.

Recommended storage options.

Tablo supports USB-connected portable hard drives (USB 2.0 or 3.0, 1 TB – 8 TB in size).

We recommend Western Digital Elements and Seagate Expansion models. Other forms of storage may not be compatible.

Flexible connectivity to free TV.


For best TV reception.

Tablo can connect to your router over Wi-Fi, giving you the flexibility to place your antenna wherever you get the best reception. 

For best performance.

For those who prefer to hardwire devices for the best possible stability and performance, Tablo can also connect to your router via Ethernet.

No TV connection required.

Tablo doesn’t need to connect directly to your television via HDMI, because it uses your home network to stream live and recorded TV wirelessly throughout your home. 

Prefer a device with HDMI? Check out our other Tablo models. 

Ready to enjoy free TV?

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