Nuvyyo Tablo DVR Review

Cord cutting is a trend that continues to gain momentum. And why not? With low-cost/free services like Netflix and YouTube accounting for more than 50 percent of Web traffic in the U.S., it’s obvious that people are happy to get their content from any place that doesn’t require a monthly pound of flesh. Even TV networks have started accepting the streaming mentality by offering shows online, typically a day (or more) after they have aired live but still giving viewers an alternative to the traditional cable or satellite pay-to-view option.

If you want to enjoy free live TV—say, for sporting events, or to avoid the trauma of having your favorite reality series “spoilered” by waiting—you can turn to an over-the-air (OTA) antenna to grab all those free digital signals that are just beaming around in the ether. But if you want to enjoy free TV and DVR functionality and mobile viewing, your options have been far more limited. Which is why I stopped in my tracks when I caught a glimpse of Nuvyyo’s Tablo DVR at the CES Unveiled event this past January.

Tablo is slick and easy to use, and it works as promised. If you live in an area where there’s an abundance of free OTA channels and, especially if you value mobile access to your recorded content, this could be one of the best investments you make in your TV watching future.

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