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Tablo Cloud DVR Service

Record Over-the-Air TV Programs in the Cloud

Owners of the Tablo DUAL LITE OTA DVR can add Tablo Cloud DVR service to their active Tablo TV Guide Data Subscription to record Over-the-Air TV programs without the need to connect a USB hard drive for storage.  

Tablo Cloud DVR Service Subscription

All new and refurbished Tablo DUAL LITE OTA DVRs come with a free 30-Day trial of our TV Guide Data and Cloud DVR Service.

Once enabled in the Tablo app's settings screen, Tablo Cloud DVR Service lets cord cutters record up to 64 GB (approximately 40 hours of TV) right out of the box, instead of connecting a USB hard drive for recording storage.

After the first 30 days, you can choose to subscribe and continue recording programs with Tablo's Cloud DVR Service or switch to a compatible USB hard drive.  






$4.99 USD

$5.99 CAD



An active Tablo TV Guide Data Subscription is required for users of the Tablo Cloud DVR Service after the free 30-day trial.
Tablo Cloud DVR Service is tied to a specific DVR device and is not transferrable. 

You can choose to discontinue the Cloud DVR Service at any time. Previously completed cloud DVR recordings will continue to be viewable for 30 days AFTER cancellation.

All Tablo Cloud DVR Service subscriptions are billed monthly, even if users have an annual or lifetime TV Guide Data Subscription.

Tablo Cloud DVR Service FAQs

tablo cloud dvr requirements

Have questions about your Tablo Cloud DVR Service? We can help!

  • Does Tablo Cloud DVR Service require a constant internet connection?
    Yes. With Tablo Cloud DVR Service your Over-the-Air recordings are uploaded using your internet connection to our Cloud DVR server. Without a consistent external internet connection, recordings will fail. 

  • What internet upload/download speed is required to use the Tablo Cloud DVR Service?
    A minimum upload/download speed of at least 5 Mbps is recommended for those who use the Tablo Cloud DVR Service. Slower internet speeds may result in failed recordings.

  • How much storage space and internet bandwidth does a recording require on the Tablo Cloud DVR Service?
    The storage space and internet bandwidth required for saving and streaming recordings from our Tablo Cloud DVR Service depends on the Recording Quality setting of your Tablo OTA DVR. The recommended setting for Tablo Cloud DVR users is 3 Mbps which results in the use of 1.5 GB of storage space per 1-hour recording.       

  • How do I switch from using Tablo Cloud DVR to using a compatible USB hard drive for recording storage?
    Head over to the Tablo Knowledge Base for step-by-step instructions

  • Can I use the Cloud DVR Service without a Tablo TV Guide Subscription?
    No. The Tablo Cloud DVR Service is an add-on to the Tablo TV Guide Subscription. You cannot continue to use Cloud DVR without an active TV Guide Subscription or trial. 

  • Subscription payment failing?
    Ensure your Tablo account zip/postal and credit card zip/postal match and/or that your bank does not automatically block international transactions.

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