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New Accessory for Tablo OTA DVRs – Tablo RETRO

Tablo Retro

*** In case the date on this post wasn’t a big enough hint… Happy April Fools! *** 

Now that Tablo QUAD is shipping (and already temporarily sold out! thank you!), we’re very excited to announce our newest DVR accessory – Tablo RETRO.


Tablo RETRO is a combination amplifier and filter that sits between your Over-the-Air antenna and your Tablo OTA DVR.

Once connected and set to a specific year and day in the RETRO app, your Tablo will scan for Over-the-Air signals broadcast on that date and begin bringing in your favorite TV shows, news and sports from your selected point in time.

Tablo RETRO app settings

For example, when dialed to April 28th, 1995, you could tune in to a brand-new show about a group of 20-somethings in New York City called ‘Friends’.

Tablo RETRO Friends

When tuned to July 20th, 1969, you could watch the moon landing happen live.

Tablo RETRO moon landing

Or go back even further to October 3rd, 1951 to see Bobby Thompson hit the 3-run homer that won the NY Giants the pennant.

Tablo RETRO baseball

How Tablo RETRO Works:

broadcast tower

As you know, Over-the-Air TV is distributed via signals local broadcast towers. Over time, some of these signals have reflected off distant stars and have made their way back into our atmosphere.

RETRO both amplifies and filters the frequencies coming into your Over-the-Air antenna to these ‘reflected’ signals and specifically tunes in to frequencies created in your specified date. When required, it also converts those signals from analog to digital.

Unfortunately, television content before January 13th, 1928 and after April 1st, 2019 is currently unavailable with RETRO.

Pricing and Availability:

Tablo RETRO pricing

Tablo RETRO will be available starting tomorrow via the updated Tablo web store for $49.99 USD and $59.99 CAD. What date will you tune into when your Tablo RETRO arrives?

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