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Introducing Tablo OTA Drone

Today we’re very excited to announce the latest in Tablo hardware: Tablo OTA Drone.

Tablo Drone

Tablo OTA Drone combines the latest in omni-directional Over-the-Air HDTV antenna technology with a powerful quadricopter drone to provide your home with unparalleled broadcast TV reception.

Using GPS positioning and advanced automated stability controls, Tablo OTA Drone (starting at $999 US) will hover over your home, providing its integrated TV antenna with direct line-of-sight to local broadcast towers. The crystal clear, high definition digital television signals will then be beamed directly to your Tablo OTA DVR via a proprietary CoaxCast streaming connection.

Tablo OTA Drone can remain airborne for up to 18 hours with onboard solar cells, but it has been programmed to descend and recharge on a rooftop or balcony-secured charging station when tuners are not in use or when accessing broadcast towers within a 25-mile (40 KM) range that do not require additional height for optimal reception. A notification within the iOS or Android control app will let you know when maintenance is required.

Tablo Drone will be available in the ‘Fall-ish’ timeframe. Stay tuned for more details!

If you’re not yet sure if Over-the-Air HDTV TV is for you, Tablo will also be deploying a fleet of Tablo OTA Drones in major cities across the United States and Canada to help you discover which broadcast channels are available at your home. To find out what channels you can receive, click to enter your zip or postal code to deploy a Tablo OTA Drone.

Tablo Signal Locator



Happy April Fools Day Tablo fans! If you really want this awesome drone, the lovely folks at Parrot sell it (without OTA antenna of course).


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