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Cancel Cable, Keep your Sanity: How Tablo Works for Families with Kids


When you’ve got a young family, any kind of savings in the monthly budget is very much appreciated. This is why many couples with kids are choosing to cancel cable or satellite subscriptions, especially since they’re usually too busy with everyday life to watch much of their favorite shows live anyway.

That being said, saving money on TV to put towards more critical budget items (like groceries and diapers) doesn’t mean parents need to give up those 20 minute slices of freedom that a kids’ program can provide. Tablo is the perfect balance of immediate and on-demand access to quality kids’ TV programming for parents, allowing them to cancel their cable bill while still keeping their sanity.

Free TV is also Guilt-Free TV:

The majority of kids’ shows available free Over-the-Air (OTA) are specifically designed to provide educational value. From classic shows like Sesame Street and Arthur, to new favorites like Super Why and Daniel Tiger, there’s something for every kid to enjoy without Mom and Dad feeling too guilty about TV time.

Plus with Tablo, you can stream these quality educational programs to any screen in your home so your kiddo can belly up to the breakfast bar and learn how to spell ‘sandwich’ while you make his lunch in the morning.

Tablo also makes it easy to find new shows to introduce to your kids. Simply go to TV Shows > Genres > Children to browse all the children’s programming available OTA in your area.Tablo Genre Children

TV on YOUR schedule, Not the Networks’:

Small kids have no concept of time. Try explaining to a 4-year-old that their favorite show isn’t airing right now and they’ll look at you as though you’ve just stolen their dessert. Fortunately, with Tablo you can set programs to record ALL NEW or ALL EPISODES to watch later, on-demand. Having a stash of recorded shows that you can playback when dinner, bath time, or chores are done, can mean the difference between a battle and a cuddle with the kids.

Kids get sick – a lot – and they need their rest to get better. But colds have a nasty habit of keeping kids awake with all the coughing and sneezing. Whether it’s 3 in the afternoon, or 3 in the morning, enjoying some of their favorite shows can distract a sleepless kid from the general ickiness of a cold and allow them to sit still and get some rest.

TV to Go, Anytime and Anywhere:

If you’re at a restaurant and the meal is taking a little longer than expected to arrive, or you’re stuck in a waiting room, it’s easy to entertain the kids if you’ve got your smartphone, tablet or laptop. Using Tablo Connect (Tablo’s out-of-home streaming feature), you have 24/7 access to recordings as well as live broadcast TV.

Planning a long road trip and want to avoid eating into your cellular data cap? If so, you may want to download some programs for offline storage/viewing. While this isn’t an official Tablo feature yet, several 3rd party utilities are available via our Tablo Community.

Do you have any other tips for TV lovers with kids? If so, let us know via Facebook or Twitter. 

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