Tablo DUAL OTA DVR Review

The Tablo Dual OTA DVR sticks to its live TV streaming chops in a slimmer frame.


Nuvyyo has always prided itself as an alternative to expensive cable bills. The Tablo DVR was designed to simplify pulling in over-the-air (OTA) TV signals, recording them, and streaming them to a growing array of devices. Since the content is always streamed, the box never needed to be near a TV. The new Tablo Dual OTA DVR applies the same principles, yet squeezes in some built-in storage despite trimming the fat for a smaller frame. With dual tuners and expandable storage capability, this is supposed to be a cord-cutter’s dream, but does it truly help liberate you from your cable company?

Streaming live TV that comes into the home for free is exactly what any cord-cutter would want, and there’s nothing illegal going on here. Tablo Connect’s place-shifting model essentially does the same thing any cloud-based DVR or streaming service has been doing for years.

Even novices can pull free content out of the air with Tablo's easy-to-use Dual Tuner OTA DVR.

Nuvyyo still maintains a fairly broad swath of support for the Tablo, with apps for iOS, Android, Amazon Fire tablet, Fire TV, Apple TV, Android TV, Chromecast, Roku, Nvidia Shield, LG webOS and Xbox One. Web browser streaming is natively supported through the Tablo website. There’s even a Kodi add-on for those using that program.

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