Tablo DUAL OTA DVR Review: Record Broadcast TV, Play It on Your Notebook

Nuvyyo, the developer of the various Tablo versions, has created a huge range applications to allow users to connect to a Tablo DUAL from just about any device they could wish. Windows and Mac OS users control this accessory through a web browser, while there are free iOS and Android applications available on their respective app stores. There are apps for Roku, Apple TV, and Android TV as well, and there’s some support for Chromecast.

We tested (Tablo DUAL OTA DVR) with a Microsoft Surface Pro, iPad Pro, and Roku, and all worked quite well. We had no issues playing live and recorded shows, or setting them up to be recorded. Both the tablets were then connected to large-screen TVs through wired hookups, again without issues.

No matter what device is used, the Tablo DUAL can be set to record TV programs on broadcast TV. For anyone who hasn’t looked since the switch to digital a few years ago, the number of these has grown tremendously. Beyond just ABC, CBS, CW, FOX, and NBC, the major metropolitan area where we did our testing offers 107 other channels. Of course, the quality of the content of these varies tremendously, but that’s also true of cable channels...

(Tablo DUAL) is one of the best products available to ease the jolt of giving up cable. The Tablo DUAL OTA DVR makes it a snap to record broadcast TV and then watch the shows later, wherever it’s most convenient. The hardware is well designed and made, and the wide range of software gives users many options to access their recorded shows.

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