Nuvyyo Launches HDMI-Connected Tablo OTA DVR With Remote

The DUAL HDMI Pairs a More Traditional DVR Set Up with 
Tablo’s Easy-to-Use Next-Generation Interface for Today’s Cord Cutters

OTTAWA, Ontario – November 10, 2020 – Nuvyyo, makers of the Tablo OTA DVR for cord cutters, today announced Tablo DUAL HDMI, its first Over-the-Air DVR that connects directly to a television set and includes its own dedicated remote. Designed for cord cutters who prefer a traditional DVR set up, Tablo DUAL HDMI blends the easy-to-use yet powerful DVR interface Tablo fans love with an HDMI-connected set-top-box.

Tablo DUAL HDMI DVR makes it incredibly easy for consumers who have canceled cable to watch and record live, local antenna TV. Compatible with any television featuring an HDMI port, Tablo DUAL HDMI connects to any Over-the-Air TV antenna and supports external USB hard drives from 1TB to 8TB, for up to 1000 hours of HDTV recording storage. With a traditional live TV grid guide and one-touch series recording, Tablo DUAL HDMI provides the OTA DVR features cord cutters want and perfectly complements popular streaming services they already enjoy like Netflix, Prime, Sling, and Philo.

“We’re proud that Tablo has become a trusted brand among cord cutters. With demand for cable TV alternatives among all consumer demographics growing dramatically, the time was right to expand our reach into underserved portions of the market,” said Grant Hall, CEO of Nuvyyo. “That’s why we’re bringing the beautiful interface and advanced DVR features that Tablo customers expect to a more traditional set-top-box solution with the Tablo DUAL HDMI.”

Unlike other HDMI-connected DVRs or converter boxes on the market, Tablo DUAL HDMI can also stream live and recorded TV programs to additional televisions within the home via compatible Tablo apps on Smart TVs and streaming set-top-boxes powered by Roku, Amazon Fire TV, and Android TV. Thanks to this flexibility, cord cutters can take full advantage of the DVR’s dual tuners to stream or record up to two live OTA TV channels at once.

All generations of Tablo OTA DVRs receive free regular firmware and app updates, as well as basic DVR functionality, including:

  • 24 hours of TV Guide Data (traditional grid guide)
  • Manual recording (one-time or recurring)
  • Playback controls including pause, rewind, and fast-forward
  • Support for 5.1 Surround Sound passthrough

Optional Tablo Guide Data Service
All Tablo OTA DVRs include a 30-day free trial of the Tablo TV guide data service, which gives cord cutters total control over DVR scheduling and viewing. Along with episode and series synopses, cover art, and metadata for programs airing over the next two weeks, a Tablo TV Guide Data Service subscription provides powerful, and yet easy-to-use advanced DVR features like:

  • One-touch series recording (ALL or ALL NEW)
  • Advanced recording options (adjustable start/stop times, keep X recordings, record by channel)
  • Automatic extended time on live TV show recordings
  • Automatic avoidance of duplicate recordings
  • And much more

Optional Tablo Automatic Commercial Skip Service
All Tablo OTA DVRs include a 30-day free trial of the optional Tablo Premium Service subscription which enables the Automatic Commercial Skip feature. Automatic Commercial Skip makes it even easier to enjoy most recordings from Tablo OTA DVRs without any commercial interruptions by eliminating the need to manually fast-forward over ads. Unlike other offerings which rely on intensive computing power or humans to identify commercial breaks, Tablo uses a cloud-based hybrid of digital signal processing (DSP) algorithms and machine learning to deliver more accurate results.

Tablo DUAL HDMI Pricing and Availability
Tablo DUAL HDMI is available now exclusively on and will ship before December 1st with an MSRP of $149.99 US or $197.99 CAD.

About Nuvyyo, Inc.
Nuvyyo, based in Ottawa, Canada, was founded in 2010 with the vision of revolutionizing the home media experience for consumers in the U.S. and Canada. Building on its first media streaming system, in 2014, the company launched Tablo, the whole-home OTA DVR for cord cutters that combines the functionality of a DVR with the convenience and mobility of software apps for smartphones, tablets, computers, streaming media devices, Smart TVs and internet-connected gaming platforms, making it easy to discover, watch, and record free over-the-air (OTA) TV anywhere, anytime, on any device. For more information, visit