Ottawa-made Tablo TV streams free HD channels

An Ottawa startup is trying to change the way Canadians watch TV by providing free, over-the-air HD programming from dozens of local channels like CBC, Global and CTV.

Nuvyyo has developed a DVR-like device called Tablo TV that records and streams live HDTV broadcasted over the air. Users can watch TV on any device they like: tablets, computers, smartphones and even Apple TV.

“Most people don’t realize that all your local channels, and in Ottawa there are 14 of them, transmit gorgeous high definition and it’s basically there for free,” said Nuvyyo CEO Grant Hall during Invest Ottawa’s two-year anniversary party Thursday.

The device won’t allow users to stream American networks or premium channels like HBO and ShowTime, but Grant doesn’t want to compete with the big online TV providers, he wants to compliment online TV watching.

“Our customers already have Netflix, they are using iTunes already to rent DVDs, maybe buy some premium shows, so we add to that Apple TV box effectively a new app that gives you all that great broadcast,” he said.

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