Hands-on with Tablo, a DVR that streams over-the-air TV nearly anywhere

Many streaming-savvy DVRs either lean heavily on cloud services or are linked to traditional TV -- neither of which is ideal for cord cutters trying to lower their long-term costs. Nuvyyo is promising what could be a more affordable option with its upcoming Tablo DVR. The upcoming, partly crowdfunded set-top box streams both live and locally recorded over-the-air broadcasts to seemingly any internet-capable platform, including Android, iOS, Roku players and web browsers. In theory, it's as cheap and convenient as internet-only video while delivering the wider content selection of traditional TV.

Tablo could be a tempting alternative to Simple.TV given its more powerful hardware and a feature set that's less dependent on remotely located services. If you like the concept, you can make a pledge today.

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