Tablo device snatches over-the-air HDTV signals for free

An Ottawa startup is aiming to give television viewers who want to cut the cord that binds them to traditional content providers the ultimate device: a digital recorder that streams and records programming from dozens of local high-definition stations that are available over the air.

Nuvyyo brought its Tablo personal digital recorder to the Consumer Electronics show in Las Vegas earlier this year, attracting a lot of attention at a time when consumers are looking for alternatives to cable.

Tablo is a small DVR-like device that plugs into an over-the-air HDTV antenna and transmits the signal to any device that is connected to the Tablo or the internet. This includes iPads and other tablets, smartphones, PCs and televisions that outfitted with Apple TV or Google Chromecast.

Content can be recorded on the Tablo and viewed later or streamed live. A software interface makes it easy to find the signal you want and stream it when you want it.

"It's not just about the TV these days," says Nuvyyo CEO Grant Hall. "It’s really about whatever device you have and wherever you are, enabling you to enjoy that live and recorded programming wherever you want to."

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