Aereo ruling in the U.S. might affect TV’s future in Canada

Ottawa-based Nuvyyo launched the Tablo this spring, a set top box that connects to a home network and a digital TV antenna to pull in the signals and stream them to compatible computers and mobile devices. For a $5 monthly subscription, users can access premium features that include a 14-day guide and, crucially, remote access. That last feature is essentially the same as pulling in a signal via Aereo's system, except that the antenna pulling in and distributing the signal through the Tablo resides in the user's home, not from the cloud via a central facility.

An ancillary effect of the ongoing legal battle around Aereo's cloud-based business model is that Tablo, safe from any litigation, can effectively offer the same experience.

Consumers subscribing to (Tablo) can tap into their TV antennas anywhere and everywhere, no cloud needed, which may spur further innovation into this type of streaming.

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