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A while back we told you about an over-the-air DVR called the TabloTV (you can read about it here). If you have not read it, I recommend you give it a look before continuing, as this article is to let you know about some cool upgrades that have happened since that last post and there are a LOT!

In all, the new changes to the TabloTV Roku interface are amazing. Now you can have DVR capability that is easy to use, doesn’t need you to access a device to make changes and so familiar in function that a total newbie would be able to figure it out. Before I thought TabloTV was a really good system and thought it really brought a lot to the table, but with these new upgrades TabloTV easily competes against any Cable or Satellite provider on the ease of which you can program and record a movie or television series. I have been using this system for about 3-4 months now and cannot recommend it enough. Using a TabloTV TV in conjunction with a streaming service or two (Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Prime Streaming) and before long you won’t miss cable at all. Now that Hulu has worked out a deal with AMC for their programming and the TabloTV can record CBS and local programming my cable days are thing of the past! 

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How to restart your phone/tablet

Sometimes, just restarting your smartphone or tablet can clear up issues with apps. The links below will provide detailed instructions on how to force close your Tablo app. 

Apple iPhone

Android smartphones 

Most Android smartphones and tablets can be restarted by holding the POWER button and then selecting RESTART or POWER OFF and RESTART from the POWER OPTIONS menu.

NOTE: Newer Samsung devices require you to hold the POWER/SIDE button and VOLUME DOWN to make the POWER OPTIONS menu appear. On the Google Pixel 6, hold the POWER and VOLUME UP buttons.

How to force close your Tablo app?

Sometimes, just restarting the app can fix things. The links below will provide detailed instructions on how to force close your Tablo app. 

Apple iPhone/iPad

Android smartphones/tablets 

Need help with the final steps?

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.  Follow the steps in the video below for a full walkthrough of the remaining parts of the Tablo setup process.

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This is an estimate only. Actual broadcast TV channels received may vary based on TV antenna location, reception, topography, and other obstructions. Streaming channels require an internet connection. View the Channel Details Report for specifics of each channel and to help determine what antenna is needed. 

Reception alert:  Based upon the location you entered, you may not get many of the major networks.  As a result, Tablo may not be the best fit for you.  Please enter your full address above for best accuracy. 

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