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Tablo Dual HDMI Over the Air DVR for Antennas Review

This is my review of the Tablo Dual HDMI OTA DVR. It's one of the few DVRs for antennas you can connect directly to your TV set. It features two built in tuners, virtually unlimited storage, and ...

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Nuvyyo Tablo DUAL HDMI OTA DVR Review: Simple and Direct

For Nuvyyo, its Tablo devices have always represented an alternative to expensive cable packages, and the concept has always been an easy sell. Pull in free over-the-air TV channels and either watch ...

Video News: Tablo Launches HDMI Connected Tablo OTA DVR

In hardware news we've got a new Tablo DVR option to talk about this week with the anouncement of the Tablo DUAL HDMI. If you didn't guess from it's name, the new selling point here is the inclusion ...

Tablo’s new OTA DVR connects directly to a TV and has a remote but retains networked DVR capabilities

Tablo has announced their latest over-the-air DVR and it’s unlike any of their previous models in that it connects directly to your TV via HDMI. While all of Tablo’s devices up until now ...

Tablo Launches HDMI Connected Tablo OTA DVR

Nuvyyo, the makers of the Tablo OTA DVR, announced today the launch of the Tablo DUAL HDMI. The new DVR connects directly to TVs and comes with its own remote, giving cord cutters a more traditional ...

Tablo launches traditional DVR box for old-school viewers

The Tablo Dual HDMI plugs directly into the TV like a traditional DVR while allowing users the option to stream content on some Internet-connected devices. Canadian electronics company Nuvyyo has ...

New Tablo DUAL HDMI plugs into your TV

Latest Tablo Dual has a dedicated remote control Tablo released a new DVR for over-the-air channels that connects directly to a TV and comes with a dedicated remote control. The Tablo Dual HDMI went ...

Nuvyyo Releases a TV Connected Tablo DVR

Tablo by Ottawa-based Nuvyyo has been our favorite DVR for recording live TV from over the air channels received with a TV antenna. Personally, I prefer a DVR that plugs into my router and can be ...

Watch shows, read books and text your friends for free

Cut the cord already As USA TODAY's Jefferson Graham has covered in depth, providing a defense for cheap TVs and comparing different streaming services for their value, ...

Tablo’s Dual 128GB and Quad 1TB DVRs have plenty of storage built-in

You can also add additional storage to both devices. Nuvyyo is adding two new DVR models with built-in storage to its Tablo lineup. While they're not the first devices from the company to include ...

Video Review: Tablo Dual Lite OTA DVR for Cord Cutters & Antennas

In this video I set up and review the Tablo Dual Lite Over the Air DVR. Features include two built-in tuners, advanced recording options, automatic commercial skip, and access to OTA channels on ...

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Tablo launches new over-the-air DVRs with even more built-in storage

New boxes at 128GB and 1TB let you record up to 700 hours of free over-the-air TV. Tablo today announced air of new over-the-air boxes that address one of the bigger barriers to entry: You no longer ...

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