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There was a time when TV viewers had only three options when a commercial would come on: turn the channel, leave the room, or actually watch it. Recording to VHS gave us the ability to fast forward through them and DVR took that a step further by helping us bounce through them in a matter of seconds.

Tablo is going to make it even easier. The company announced this week that the Tablo Quad—their new 4 tuner DVR—will soon get a feature that can automatically skip commercials. When it arrives, any subscription-enabled Tablo OTA DVR (including your Apple TV running the Tablo app) will be able to play back most recordings without any commercial interruptions.

Tablo’s commercial-skipping magic is a cloud-based hybrid of digital signal processing (DSP) algorithms and machine learning. When enabled, pesky ads are accurately and automatically detected so Tablo apps on Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Android TV and Apple TV can hop right past them.

An open beta for the skip feature will start in March.

The new Tablo Quad comes with 4 built-in tuners that allow you to record 4 shows at once and the new DVR supports up to 8 TB of external storage. An optional 2.5-inch internal SATA drive provides additional storage if you need it. The Tablo Quad also supports external USB hard drives.

Via the free Tablo App for Apple TV, users can browse, record and stream live and recorded OTA HDTV programs without the expense or commitment of cable or satellite contracts. In addition to your Apple TV, Tablo streams HDTV to all connected devices on your home network or anywhere you have internet.

The Tablo Quad is expected to ship in late March at an MSRP of $199.99 USD or $259.99 CAD.


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How to force close your Tablo app?

Sometimes, just restarting the app can fix things. The links below will provide detailed instructions on how to force close your Tablo app. 

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