Tablo 4-Tuner OTA DVR

Tablo 4-Tuner OTA DVR

The 4-Tuner Tablo Over-The-Air (OTA) DVR is designed for cord cutters with larger households and/or extensive channel lineups. With four tuners, you can record and stream up to four free broadcast channels from your HDTV antenna simultaneously.

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The Tablo 4-Tuner OTA DVR for Cord Cutters features:

A 4-Tuner Tablo DVR can stream or record up to four live OTA TV channels at once.

Tablo is the only OTA DVR that offers WiFi in addition to Ethernet to give cord cutters the flexibility to place their TV antenna where it will get the best OTA reception.

Watch your favorite live and recorded TV shows on to up to six internet-connected devices inside and outside your home.

Bring your own storage: Connect a USB hard drive (up to 8TB) to your Tablo to record up to 2000 hours of full quality HDTV.

How It Works

Unlike traditional DVRs that are tethered to a single TV with an HDMI cable, Tablo does not feature an HDMI connection.

A network-connected DVR, Tablo is a whole-home-DVR and placeshifter combined that uses WiFi or Ethernet to stream live and recorded HDTV content to Tablo apps on all the connected devices inside your home or anywhere you have high-speed internet.

What You Need

To set up your Tablo 4-Tuner OTA DVR you need:

  • An Over-the-Air HDTV antenna
  • An internet connection
  • USB hard drive - this is required both for watching live TV and recording
  • A WiFi-enabled computer (Chrome/Safari browser) OR a mobile device (iPad/iPhone w/iOS7+ OR Android smartphone/tablet w/Android 4.1+)


tablo what you need


To watch Tablo content on your big screen, you'll need one of these:

  • A Smart TV powered by: Roku, or Android TV, or most LG WebOS 2.0 and 3.0 operating systems;  OR
  • A Set-Top-Box/Streaming Media Device: Roku, or Amazon Fire TV, or AppleTV, or Nvidia SHIELD, or Xiaomi MiBox;  OR
  • A Streaming Stick: Roku Stick, or Amazon Fire TV Stick, or a Chromecast dongle (casting from an Android device or Chrome browser);  OR
  • A Gaming System: Nvidia SHIELD, or XBox One;  OR
  • An HDMI-enabled computer: Tablo web app in Chrome/Safari



tablo interface

Tablo 4-Tuner OTA DVRs include a free 30-day trial of our Tablo TV Guide Data Subscription.

Once your trial is complete you can choose to use Tablo without a subscription. However, to enjoy the full Tablo experience, a subscription to our optional guide data service is recommended. 

For a small monthly fee, our guide data provides the beautiful cover art, episode and series synopses and metadata that make it easy for cord cutters like you to browse content and set recordings on your Tablo through our various apps. A subscription also enables some of Tablo's cooler features like Tablo Connect for out-of-home streaming.

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It's easy to start enjoying free Over-the-Air TV with a 4-Tuner Tablo OTA DVR. Here's how:

For help with antenna selection and positioning, a list of recommended hard drives, additional set-up instructions and troubleshooting tips visit


What's Included:
Tablo 4-Tuner OTA DVR
Power Supply
3' Ethernet Cable
Quick Start Guide

Concurrent Streams:
Watch and record up to four shows at once.
Stream to up to six devices at once.

No onboard storage
Support for up to 8TB USB hard drive

Ethernet 10/100
USB 2.0 (x2)

1 GB Flash

100 Mbps Ethernet
802.11n dual band WiFi with MIMO

Height - 39mm (1.54")
Width - 174mm (6.85")
Depth - 116 mm (4.57")

408 g (14.4 oz)

Video Format:
H.264 (HLS: HTTP Live Streaming)


No, Tablo OTA DVRs do not have an HDMI connection. Instead, Tablo streams live TV and recordings over your home network to compatible HDMI-enabled devices connected to your TV like streaming set-top-boxes and gaming systems. You can also use the Tablo web app with an HDMI-enabled computer connected to your TV, or directly on Smart TVs powered by Roku, Android TV or most LG WebOS 2.0 and 3.0 operating systems.

When you buy Tablo OTA DVR we include the Tablo DVR, a power adapter, a 3-foot ethernet cable and a Quick Start Guide. Every Tablo OTA DVR comes with a free 30-day trial of the Tablo Guide Data Subscription so you can try out some of the cooler features Tablo has to offer. Tablo apps are available as free downloads and you can find information and links to all of them on our Tablo Apps & Compatible Devices page.

The only difference is the number of tuners. Three main actions require the use of a tuner: watching live TV, recording a program, and watching a recorded program remotely via Tablo Connect. The more tuners you have, the more flexibility you have. You can read more about tuners and their functions on the Tablo blog

Yes. But to enjoy the full Tablo experience, a subscription to our optional guide data service is recommended. Without a Tablo subscription, you can still watch live TV and set manual recordings by date/time/channel but one-touch and series recordings, cover art, and advanced features are only available with active subscriptions. Read more about using Tablo without a subscription on the Tablo Guide Data Subscriptions page.

No. Tablo 2-Tuner, Tablo 4-Tuner, and Tablo DUAL OTA DVRs do not support 5.1 Surround Sound.

In order to stream TV to all supported devices, Tablo's firmware transcodes audio and video in a single stream. This current transcoding architecture prevents support for multiple audio tracks. If surround sound is important to you, check out the Tablo ENGINE app for Android TV devices.

Yes! Tablo supports closed captioning on the majority of its platforms including iOS smartphones and tablets, Android smartphones and tablets, Roku, Android TV, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV and the web app at You can read more about Tablo's closed captioning support on the Tablo blog

No. Legal and technical reasons prevent Tablo from recording content from sources other than an ATSC OTA TV antenna. You can read more about this on the Tablo blog.

No. Tablo is designed to record and stream Over-The-Air (OTA) broadcast signals from ATSC TV antennas. We do not support recording from cable or satellite signals, cableCARDs, or clear/unencrypted cable (QAM).

Yes. You DO need internet access to use Tablo Over-the-Air DVRs. Like many modern gadgets, Tablo is a network-connected device, designed to have consistent high-speed internet access and will not function optimally without it.

You can read more about this on the Tablo blog

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