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Tablo TUNER Antenna Adapter

Tablo TUNER Antenna Adapter

Tablo TUNER is a dual-tuner USB adapter that connects your HDTV antenna to your powerful Nvidia Shield set-top-box. It works with the Tablo ENGINE app to let cord cutters enjoy live and recorded OTA TV content without the need for additional DVR hardware.

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The Tablo TUNER antenna adapter features:

A Tablo TUNER adapter lets you watch live or record up to two OTA TV channels at once using the Tablo ENGINE app.

Tablo TUNER connects to your Android TV device directly or with the included USB extension cable.

Tablo ENGINE enables passthrough of 5.1 surround sound, when available.

The Tablo TUNER/Tablo ENGINE solution delivers beautiful, high definition picture quality directly from your HDTV antenna.

How It Works

tablo tuner insitu

Tablo TUNER is a USB dual-tuner adapter which allows you to connect an Over-the-Air (OTA) TV antenna to the NVIDIA SHIELD. When you combine Tablo TUNER with the Tablo ENGINE DVR app you can transform your NVIDIA SHIELD into an Over-the-Air DVR that lets you discover, watch, and record live HDTV.

Unlike Tablo's network-connected DVRs (Tablo 4-TunerTablo DUAL 64 GB, Tablo DUAL LITE, and Tablo QUAD) which stream live and recorded HDTV content to multiple devices, the Tablo TUNER/Tablo ENGINE solution is designed for cord cutters who wish to watch content on a main television screen connected to an Android TV device via HDMI.   


What You Need

To set up your Tablo TUNER for use with the Tablo ENGINE app you need:

  • An Over-the-Air HDTV antenna
  • An internet connection
  • An Nvidia Shield streaming media device (16GB model) or Nvidia Shield PRO home media server (500GB model)
  • USB hard drive - only required for storing recordings on the 16GB Nvidia Shield; recordings can be saved to internal storage on the 500 GB model

tablo tuner what you need


tablo engine subscription

Tablo TUNER includes a free, fully-featured 30-day trial of our Tablo ENGINE Guide Data Subscription when used with the Tablo ENGINE app.

Once your trial is complete you can choose to use Tablo without a subscription. However, to enjoy the full Tablo experience, a subscription to our optional guide data service is recommended. 

For a small monthly fee, our guide data provides the beautiful cover art, episode and series synopses and metadata that make it easy for cord cutters like you to browse content and set recordings via the Tablo ENGINE app. Without a subscription, you can continue to enjoy 24 hours of guide data and live TV.

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It's easy to start enjoying free Over-the-Air TV with Tablo TUNER and the Tablo ENGINE app. Here's how:

  • Connect your HDTV Antenna to Tablo TUNER

  • Connect Tablo TUNER to your NVIDIA SHIELD via an available USB port

  • Connect a USB Hard Drive - required both for streaming live TV and recording on NVIDIA SHIELD 16GB models

  • Download the Tablo ENGINE app from the Google Play Store

Looking for more details? Get additional information on antenna selection and positioning, a list of recommended hard drivesset-up instructions and troubleshooting tips.


What's Included:
Tablo TUNER Adapter
USB Extension Cable
Quick Start Guide

Concurrent Streams:
Watch live TV and record up to two shows at once.
Does not stream to other devices.

USB 2.0

Video Format:

Height - 6.35mm (.25")
Width - 31.75mm (1.25")
Depth - 88.9 mm (3.5")

109 g (3.8 oz)


No. Tablo TUNER is designed to connect to Android TV devices like the Nvidia Shield via USB. The Nvidia Shield then connects to your TV via HDMI so you can watch live TV and recordings. 

When you buy Tablo TUNER, we include the USB tuner adapter, a power adapter, a USB extension cable and a Quick Start Guide. The companion Tablo ENGINE DVR app is available as a free download from the Google Play Store. The Tablo TUNER/Tablo ENGINE solution comes with a free 30-day trial of the Tablo ENGINE Guide Data Subscription so you can try out some of the cooler features Tablo has to offer. 

Tablo ENGINE is a software-based app that transforms Android TV streaming set-top-boxes into an OTA DVR. It is designed to be used with supported external ATSC tuners. This approach allows you to watch and record live, local TV on a single television connected to the Android TV via HDMI.

Tablo OTA DVRs are network-connected devices which allows them to stream live and recorded TV to a variety of supported devices both inside, and outside the home.

No. The Tablo ENGINE solution is designed to deliver high quality audio and video from your Android TV device to a single TV screen via HDMI.

If you want to watch content on multiple televisions, mobile devices or your PC/MAC we recommend a Tablo OTA DVR device. 

Yes. You can use any compatible external tuner device in concert with the Tablo ENGINE app to browse and watch Live TV without a subscription. But to enjoy the full Tablo experience, a subscription to our optional guide data service is recommended. Without a Tablo subscription, you can still watch live but recordings, cover art, and other advanced features are only available with active subscriptions. Read more about using Tablo ENGINE without a subscription on the Tablo Software OTA DVR Solution page.



Yes! As an HDMI-connected solution, the Tablo ENGINE app enables passthrough of 5.1 Surround Sound to your TV and/or home theater speakers when available. 

No. The Tablo TUNER/Tablo ENGINE solution does not support closed captioning at this time.

If closed captioning is important to you, Tablo DVRs do support closed captioning on a number of devices. 

No, not at this time. At launch Tablo TUNER/TABLO ENGINE is restricted to use with the NVIDIA SHIELD Android TV device.

We are however exploring expanding support to additional devices.

No. Legal and technical reasons prevent Tablo from recording content from sources other than an ATSC OTA TV antenna. You can read more about this on the Tablo blog.

No. Tablo is designed to record and stream Over-The-Air (OTA) broadcast signals from ATSC TV antennas. We do not support recording from cable or satellite signals, cableCARDs, or clear/unencrypted cable (QAM).

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