Tablo Unveils New Hardware & Major Roku App Refresh

We’ve been quite enamored with Tablo, since our first product demo at CES 2014. In fact, our very own Adam Miarka is a highly satisfied customer of this effective bit of clever gadgetry that provides both over-the-air DVR and Slingbox capabilities. Beyond the existing 2- and 4-tuner models, CES 2015 heralds the Tablo Metro… which houses 25-mile range high def OTA antennas within the existing enclosure.

Two very small but incredibly powerful fractal antennas inside Tablo METRO capture OTA TV while intelligent switching technology enables the antennas to operate independently to capture signals originating from broadcast tower locations, even if they are located in opposing directions.

Pre-orders begin today with the $250 2-tuner Tablo Metro expected to ship in March. Having said that, we’d still like to see at least one model offered with an integrated hard drive (as Channel Master pivoted with DVR+) to expand their reach by even further reducing complexity and clutter.

In many current and future Tablo TV homes, Roku serves as the set-top centerpiece for television viewing. And Tablo is showing off a highly revised Roku app. It, along with new dedicated Android apps for Amazon Fire TV and the Nexus Player, are expected early this year.

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