Tablo launches new over-the-air DVRs with even more built-in storage

New boxes at 128GB and 1TB let you record up to 700 hours of free over-the-air TV.

Tablo today announced air of new over-the-air boxes that address one of the bigger barriers to entry: You no longer have to purchase and install your own hard drive, or make do with Tablo's lone internal offering of a mere 64 gigabytes.

The new Tablo Dual and Tablo Quad feature two and four tuners, respectively, and allow you to attach an over-the-air antenna and stream that free TV to multiple devices on your home network — as well as record at will.

The new Tablo Dual has a 128GB hard drive installed — that's double the storage of the old Tablo Dual — and the Tablo Quad comes with a 1TB hard drive.

Tablo says the Dual will allow for up to 80 hours of HD recording, and the Quad can pack away a whopping 700 hours of HD recording. Both boxes continue to allow for external storage and can handle up to 8TB.

"The recent surge in new cord cutters has resulted in an increased demand for OTA DVR solutions that are simple to set up and use," Grant Hall, CEO of Nuvyyo, said in a press release. "With onboard storage, the new Tablo DUAL 128GB and Tablo QUAD 1TB meet this need as all the customer needs to do is attach a TV antenna and their Tablo DVR is ready to record and stream live TV to all their internet-connected devices, right out of the box."

While installing a hard drive in previous Tablo models didn't exactly require a degree in electrical engineering, it definitely was a barrier to entry that competitors in this space didn't have. (Really it was just a matter of working some screws and plugging in the drive.)

The Tablo Dual 128GB will retail for $170 in the United States, and $235 in Canada. The Tablo Quad 1TB will run $240 in the states and $330 up north.


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