Video Review: FTInsights with Mike Feibus - Tablo TV

If you're thinking about joining the cord cutting generation, then you'll be happy to know that it's easier than ever. There are plenty of choices now for streaming TV and they're all at competitive prices.

But there's still one hole that's very difficult to fill. Ironically it has to do with free TV (our local TV stations). Thankfully products like this: It's called Tablo, are filling the gap.

Streaming services have really come of age in the last year. But none of them offer complete local coverage. Tablo is the best answer to this that I've come across.


So now we can watch all the channels we used to watch with cable and all we need are two apps: One from our streaming service and Tablo TV.

If you're thinking about cutting the cord you then should definitely take a hard look at adding Tablo to your toolbox. It was the missing link I was looking for. It could be yours too.


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