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Q: What can I use for a DVR to record?

TV antenna maker Channel Master makes the DVR+ digital video recorder ($249 or $399 with 1 terabyte hard drive) that connects to your broadband network, your TV and an over-the-air antenna. (See my 2014 story on the product.) The thin, sleek recorder integrates your favorite apps such as Netflix and Hulu into a programming guide with any local TV channels. It has two tuners, so you can record one program and watch another.

The newest TiVo Bolt DVR comes in 500-gigabyte ($299) and 1-terabyte ($399) models to record video and incorporates streaming apps, too. Another option is the Tablo (starts at $197) set-top box, which lets you connect a hard drive to record local TV signals and has apps for watching on your TV and portable devices. "Tablo is my DVR of choice," Brantner says.


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